Software Update: Roundcube Webmail 1.5.0

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The final release of Roundcube Webmail version 1.5 has been released. The main feature of this PHP-written email web client is that Ajax technology is used to display the user interface, which gives a modern and smooth impression. Roundcube Webmail includes support for shared folders and namespaces, internationalized domain names and smtp-delivery status notifications. In addition, the user interface for imap folders has been modified to provide more space for extensions and plugins. The release notes for this release can be found below:

Roundcube 1.5 released

We proudly announce the final release of the next major version 1.5 of Roundcube webmail. With this milestone we introduce new features and full PHP 8.0 support. The most noteworthy additions are:

  • Dark mode for Elastic skin
  • OAuth2/XOauth support (with plugin hooks)
  • Collected recipients and trusted senders
  • Moving recipients between inputs with drag & drop
  • Full unicode support with MySQL database
  • Support of IMAP LITERAL extension RFC 7888
  • Support of RFC 2231 encoded names
  • cache refactoring

See the full changelog in the release notes on the Github download page.

We also disabled the spell checking feature using by default because some privacy concerns were raised. It now needs to be enabled explicitly by setting the enable_spellcheck config option to true.

In case you’re running Roundcube directly from source or if you’re not using the complete package, you need to install 3rd party javascript modules using the bin/ script. In the 1.5.x series the toolchain required to build a functional package has changed a bit:

  • bin/ replaced google-closure-compiler with UglifyJS
  • bin/ replaced yuicompressor with csso
  • Elastic theme: require lessc >= 2.5.2 (and add support for v4) with less-plugin-clean-css

This release is considered stable and we encourage you to update your productive installations after carefully testing the upgrade scenario. Download it from

With the release of Roundcube 1.5.0, the previous stable release branches 1.4.x and 1.3.x will change into LTS low maintenance mode which means they will only receive important security updates but no longer any regular improvement updates. The 1.2.x series is no longer supported and maintained.

Version number 1.5.0
Release status Final
Operating systems script language
Website Roundcube Webmail
License type GPL
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