Software Update: RJ TextEd 15.60

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Version 15.60 of RJ TextEd has been released. This free Swedish-made text editor has several features that are especially interesting for software and web developers, such as syntax highlighting, autocompletion, extensive selection and sorting options and an embedded (s)ftp client. The program is being developed for Windows, but can also be used under Linux via Wine. Since version 15.52 the following changes and improvements have been made:

RJ TextEd version 15.60

Digital code signing

All executables and install scripts are now digitally signed. This should help with some antivirus programs and any issues you may have when downloading and installing the program.

Selection mini tool bar

Added a mini toolbar that is displayed when making a selection. It fades away after a short while, or if you press the left mouse button.

Added an option to turn the mini toolbar on or off.

CSS highlighting

Updated the CSS syntax files and made some highlighting changes.

The file css.xml was added in the syntax folder. The file is provided by microsoft and renamed from css-scheme.xml to css.xml. It contains most items needed for auto completion and hints.

syntax files

Added a new option in syntax files to turn on/off sorting in the auto completion list (AutoCompleteSort=0|1).


  • Made some internal changes in the paint function and the move cursor function when using folding.


  • A few FTP save issues.
  • Auto completion hint flicker.
  • Become a wrap issue.
  • Restart Windows issues when program is still running.
  • Selection color issue with plain text files.
  • Find issues.
  • Misc issues while coding.

RJ TextEd version 15.54


Added 2 new themes to the “Environment -> Themes” menu.


Made some more optimizations to speed up browsing directories.


  • Favorites menu in FTP panel missing.
  • Made some changes in “Replace All” undo code.
  • Selection issue.

RJ TextEd version 15.53

Zoom (CTRL+MouseWheel Up/Down)

Added a new menu item in the “View” menu named “Zoom” with sub-menu items to zoom in, zoom out and reset zoom. You can also use the mouse wheel while pressing the CTRL key.

Zoom will affect all open documents, as well as new or opened documents. The zoom value is saved between sessions. Use “Reset zoom” to undo any zooming you have done.

Note that zoom will not change the font size you have set in options.

File Commander

Fixed some display issues when connected to a remote site.

FTP Profile manager

Passwords are now shown as a masked string (***).


  • Made some minor changes to the maximize window code.
  • Made some minor additions to the FTP client code.

Version number 3.60 pm
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Richard Johansson
License type Freeware
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