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On the internet page of Guru3D there is a new version of RivaTuner 2.0 namely release candidate 12.4. This allows you to fine-tune the Detonator drivers of your nVidia video card. In addition, they now also offer support for ATi Radeon-based video cards. The changelog lets us know the following points:

Minor bug fixes:

  • Fixed Direct3D mipmapping tab, broken due to dynamic tab order introduced in the previous version.
  • Fixed maximum VCO clock for NV18 based boards.
  • Fixed RV280 and NV34 graphics processors detection code.
  • Fixed monitor enumeration code.
  • Minor UI fixes.

what’s new:

  • Added Detonator 43.45 and 43.51 support.
  • Added databases for the Detonator 43.45 and 43.51 for both Windows 9x/ME and Windows 2000/XP.
  • Updated AnisoBoosterOGL, AnisoBoosterD3D, NV25AALines, NVStrap antiprotection and LODBiasFix patch scripts for the Detonator 43.45 and 43.51 for both Windows 9x/ME and Windows 2000/XP.
  • Added an ability to control early Z-occlusion culling for the Detonator 40.xx.
  • Added LMA settings for NV18 based boards.
  • Added Intellisample settings for the Detonator 40.xx and higher.
  • Added 8xS and 16x OpenGL FSAA for the Detonator 41.80 and higher. Revised naming D3D FSAA naming scheme for the Detonator 41.80.
  • Added new report categories to the low-level graphics subsystem diagnostic module. Now RivaTuner can dump and track changes into IDirect3D9 HAL capabilities.
  • Added memory bus type detection for NV18 based boards due to 64-bit NV18 announce.
  • Windows 2000/XP styled NVStrap driver configuration tab is now available under Windows9x/ME. Now nvstrap.sys driver can be installed under these operation systems too and can be used as an alternative to DOS NVStrap driver (still recommended as the most correct solution).
  • Added silent error correction mode. Now power users may disable Invalid registry entries have been detected. RivaTuner will use default or truncated values ​​for these entries warning message via SilentErrorCorrection mode registry entry. In this case the problem will be corrected silently without notifying you about it.
  • Low-level AGP settings are now available on non-NVIDIA/ATI based display adapters too.
  • Improved low-level overclocking module for ATI graphics processors:
    • NVIDIA-styled clock frequency generation accuracy options are now available on ATI based display adapters too. These options allow you to customize PLL reference divider calculation algorithm and change clock frequency granularity. Now you can select low (safest) clock frequency generation accuracy mode and adjust clocks via programming PLL feedback dividers only or select high clock frequency generation accuracy mode, which will allow RivaTuner’s overclocking module to calculate an appropriate reference divider that can generate requested clocks with 1MHz accuracy. Additionally, power users may use custom clock frequency generation accuracy mode and specify reference divider manually.
    • Added ‘Show effective memory clock frequencies’ option, which allows you to select desired memory clock visualization mode for display adapters equipped with DDR memory.
  • Updated 1032-compatible SoftFireGL script for ATI FireGL drivers. Antiprotection scripts for the control panel and some other components of 1032+ FireGL drivers are now also included in RivaTuner.
  • Updated SoftR9x00 scripts for Dell Catalyst v6334 for Windows 2000/XP.
  • Added NVIDIA nForce2 to the list of supported northbridges.
  • Minor UI changes and improvements.

Version number 2.0 RC12.4
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Guru3D
file size


License type Freeware
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