Software update: Racket 8.7

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Racket is a development language with which other development languages ​​can be developed. In addition, you can simply develop in Racket itself. It was previously known as the PLT Scheme and comes from the Lisp-Scheme family. For the background we refer to it manifest, written under the direction of Matthias Felleisen. The developers have released version 8.7 of Racket and the changelog of that release looks like this:

Changes in Racket version 8.7:

  • Typed Racket offers Shallow and Optional modes for its gradual types. These modes lower the cost of interacting with untyped code, but provide less protection against buggy interactions. (see )
  • Racket uses Unicode 14.0 for character and string operations, and includes grapheme operations. DrRacket supports emojis. (see )
  • Racket supports RV64G (RISC-V).
  • Programmers can disable definition shadowing using (#%declare #:require=define). (see )
  • The module dependency graphs available using raco dependencies-graph and DrRacket’s Module browser are faster and have new package filtering support. (see )
  • DrRacket is more responsive when killing programs that produce a lot of output.
  • Plot 3D allows negative altitude values ​​(eg, looking at the plot from “below”). (see )
  • The scriblib/bibtex and scriblib/autobib libraries support DOIs. (see )
  • There are many other repairs and improvements!

Version number 8.7
Release status Final
Website Racket
License type Freeware