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Version 0.18 of PicoTorrent has been released. PicoTorrent is written in C++ and uses libtorrent like many other clients. PicoTorrent claims to be modern, fast and easy to use. Despite the core being cross-platform, the program is currently only available for Windows. The release notes for this release are as follows:

PicoTorrent 0.18

Let’s start the new year with a freshly baked PicoTorrent release! It contains fixes for a bunch of reported issues. I’ve also replaced Breakpad with Crashpad for better error reporting. There’s a new toggle in the General preferences to allow automatic crash reporting – turning this on makes it much easier for us to track crashes.

  • The file list view has been fixed so it doesn’t collapse when refreshing files, and it doesn’t show -99 as progress for folders. #742
  • Use IP addresses for listen interface. #743
  • Close PicoTorrent when performing installer actions. #744
  • Replace Breakpad with Crashpad for better crash reporting. #745
  • Allow multi-selection in the torrent list view. #749
  • Rasterbar-libtorrent has been updated, Geo IP lookups have been fixed, clearing column values ​​when a torrent is paused. #750
  • Store state for torrents added via magnet URI which haven’t found any metadata. #787
  • French updated. #753
  • Russian updated. #789

Version number 0.18
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website PicoTorrent
License type GPL
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