Software update: phpBB 3.3.8

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Version 3.3.8 of phpBB has been released. With this program it is possible to set up a web forum. PhpBB is made available under the gpl license and uses PHP and a database program to store messages. Besides MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server and SQLite are also supported as database software. More information about this release can be found at this page are being found. The changelog since version 3.3.1, the last time it came up in the Downloads, can be found below.

phpBB 3.3.8

Notable Changes

  • Add method for deferred cache purge: PHPBB3-16891 & PR
  • Deprecate use of PHP and INCLUDEPHP in templates: PHPBB3-16967

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Native search only returning 1 match and 1 page: PHPBB3-16976
  • Issues with emojis in email subject line: PHPBB3-16981

phpBB 3.3.7

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Issue with role permissions being removed while updating to phpBB 3.3.6: PHPBB3-16973

phpBB 3.3.6

Notable Improvements

  • Improved phpBB native search performance: PHPBB3-16940
  • Support for SVG and Webp in ranks, smilies, and topic icons: PHPBB3-16899
  • Improved handling of email encoding: PHPBB3-16900 PHPBB3-16912

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Issues with double escaping of data inserted into database config: PHPBB3-16924
  • Topic selection not working in MCP: PHPBB3-16904


  • Use longer random string for activation key
  • Reset reset token info when re-activating account

phpBB 3.3.5


  • Added lang_js() function to twig as replacement for LA_


  • Removed “structure only” backup
  • Upgraded third party libraries like Symfony & s9e text-formatter to their latest versions

Bug fixes

  • Resolved some more issues with PHP 8
  • Various potential migration issues due to dependencies and local settings
  • Upgrade and conversion issues from previous releases
  • Issues with database handling in PostgreSQL, eg during backups
  • OAuth account linking not working


  • Disallow easily overlooked whitespace characters in usernames

phpBB 3.3.4


  • Increased compatibility with PHP 8 PHPBB3-16696 PHPBB3-16705 PHPBB3-16719 PHPBB3-16740 PHPBB3-16743 PHPBB3-16735
  • Support for WEBP images PHPBB3-16710 PHPBB3-16712
  • Improved wording of email templates PHPBB3-16589

Notable Changes

  • Support for custom error messages in CAPTCHAs PHPBB3-16655

Notable Bug Fixes

  • SQL error in ACP if database name contains a dash PHPBB3-16685

phpBB 3.3.3


  • Increased compatibility with PHP 8 PHPBB3-16636 PHPBB3-16641 PHPBB3-16670 PHPBB3-16629 PHPBB3-16549
  • Increased compatibility with MySQL 8 PHPBB3-16535 PHPBB3-16538

Notable Changes

  • Update to Composer 2 PHPBB3-16632
  • Use Github Actions as CI PHPBB3-16659

Notable Bug Fixes

  • SQL error on empty data in numbers profile field PHPBB3-16582
  • Dropdowns not working in mobile view PHPBB3-16677

phpBB 3.3.2


  • Display maximum allowed attachment filesize PHPBB3-15300
  • Sort permissions for more natural ordering PHPBB3-16430
  • Split new topics/new posts notifications for forum subscriptions PHPBB3-16544
  • Add notifications on reporting PM, on closing PM report, on closing post report PHPBB3-16208

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Database backup generates a general error with PostgreSQL 12+ PHPBB3-16525
  • Circular dependencies when cron task depends on controller.helper PHPBB3-16565
  • Problem with drop-down menu PHPBB3-16568
  • Massive margin between posts when zoomed out in browser PHPBB3-16569
  • Reset button in create search index not working PHPBB3-16583
  • Undefined properties in create_search_index install task PHPBB3-16593

Security Issue

  • Invalid conversion of HTML entities when stripping BBCode


  • Reduce verbosity or jabber output in ACP

Version number 3.3.8
Release status Final
Operating systems script language
Website phpBB
file size


License type GPL
CIGithubindexMicrosoftMySQLPHPPHP 8PostgreSQLSoftwareSQLSQL ServerSQLite