Software Update: PhenomMsrTweaker 1.2.2

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Martin Kinkelin released a new build of PhenomMsrTweaker in the form of version 1.2.2 some time ago. PhenomMsrTweaker is a handy tweaking tool with which AMD K10 processors can be easily overclocked. It is also possible to adjust the voltage of the CPU and it can be used as a replacement for the standard Cool’n’Quiet driver. More information about PhenomMsrTweaker can be found on the website be read. Version 1.2.2 is from this page for Windows XP and Windows Vista and ships with the following release notes:

It works just like K10Stat, but additionally provides these features:

  • Individual core multis in both P states. The 3rd core of my X4 9950 is a bottleneck. By clocking it at 2.88 GHz (11.5 * 250) while running the others at 3 GHz (12 * 250) I’m now able to use a Vcore of 1.4V instead of at least 1.425V for 4×3 GHz. This might allow you to save some mV or squeeze some more MHz out of better-performing cores.
  • Cool and Quiet does not need to be enabled to apply the P-states. If you only use P0, you may change the P0 settings and apply them instantly (they’ll remain active until the next reboot).
  • Restriction to max. 2 P-states (P0 and P1) when applying the settings. This only concerns Phenom II CPUs. I think that 2 states are enough and only P0 and P1 are customizable for now. This prevents the cores to enter not user-definable P-states (which may cause instability when overclocking the Northbridge or the HT reference clock).
  • On-the-fly switching of Windows power schemes (Vista+). I encourage everyone to use power-saving techniques like Cool and Quiet to save some money and aid mother nature. Therefore I recommend enabling Cool and Quiet in the BIOS menu and controlling it via power schemes (min CPU and max CPU settings). So if you are about to play a game, you may disable Cool and Quiet temporarily by switching from the “Balanced” power scheme to the “High performance” one. Sadly, Vista is not able to display the power options in the systray if your system has no battery, therefore you cannot switch quickly between the power schemes. This is why you may switch it in PhenomMsrTweaker (the current P-state of the first core is indicated as well).
  • A configurable replacement for the standard Cool and Quiet implementation in the Windows driver.

Version number 1.2.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows XP, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64
Website PhenomMsrTweaker
File sizes 1.32MB – 1.65MB
License type GPL
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