Software update: openmediavault 6

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Openmediavault is an operating system that focuses on network attached storage products. It is based on Debian Linux and includes services such as ssh, (s)ftp, smb/cifs, daap-mediaserver, rsync and bittorrent. Due to the modular structure, the functionality can be expanded via plug-ins. For more information, please refer to this page and for user experiences you can visit our Forum. The developers recently released version 6 of openmediavault and the major changes made to it are listed below:

The main new features of openmediavault 6:

  • Based on Debian 11 (Bullseye).
  • Completely new user interface written from scratch.
  • Add some new plugins that are based on containers. These are eg S3, OwnTone, PhotoPrism, WeTTY, FileBrowser, Onedrive. Please note that not all platforms are supported because the upstream base containers are only available for specific CPU architectures.
  • Enhanced ISO installer. Ensure that /media is unmounted to allow installation to USB devices. This will allow the installation from USB to USB device.
  • /dev/disk/by-label filesystem device files are not supported anymore because they are not unique and predictable.
  • The file system page will only show file systems configured by openmediavault from now on. This is the standard behavior of the user interface that all other pages use.
  • openmediavault can’t be installed side-by-side with graphical environments anymore.
  • Replace pam_tally2 by pam_faillock.
  • Replace CLI tool omv-update by omv-upgrade.
  • Use systemd watchdog instead of separate daemon.
  • Add option to FTP settings to display the home directory of the user in the browse list.
  • Enhance the SMART temperature monitoring configuration. Global settings can be overwritten per device. Please check your settings whether the migration was correct or reconfigure them if necessary.
  • Remove ability to cleanup system logs. This is no longer possible because the data is now fetched from the systemd journal, which cannot be cleaned per unit.
  • Support ed25519 SSH public keys in the user settings dialog.
  • Add recycle bin support for SMB home directories.
  • Add the ability to copy and apply the permissions of a shared folder to its ACL page.
  • Disable the ‘Access control list’ button on the shared folder page if the selected entry is located on a non-POSIX compliant file system.
  • Enhance the configuration of times of scheduled jobs.
  • Disable SMB NetBIOS support by default. You can enable it via the OMV_SAMBA_NMBD_ENABLE environment variable.
  • Statically DNS servers will take precedence over the DNS servers received from the DHCP server.
  • Force avahi-daemon to only use ethernet, bond and wifi network interfaces that are configured via the UI.

The whole changelog for openmediavault 6 can be viewed here† More information about the plugins can be found here

Note: Upgrading from openmediavault 5 might cause problems on systems that are using USB hardware based on JMicron controllers. Have a look here and here for more information.

Note: Side-by-side installation with graphical environments will be prevented technically.

Version number 6.0.26
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website openmediavault
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)