Software update: novaPDF 6.4 build 307

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Softland released version 6.4 build 307 of novaPDF on Tuesday. This piece of software acts like a printer under Windows, but the output goes to a PDF document instead of paper. It is similar to doPDF, which is from the same creators, but has novaPDF more extensive options. The program is fully functional and free to use, but “created with novaPDF” is added at the bottom of the file. To get rid of that rule, you can choose from three different versions, ranging in price from twenty to fifty dollars. Below is what has changed in this release:


  • Added “Allow change folder” option when saving the PDF file
  • Added options to forcefully embed licensed fonts
  • Uses local time instead of system time for PDF creation date and time
  • Added scrollbars for email body message
  • Added Danish language for the interface
  • Creates folders (multiple levels) when saving pdf file, if folders do not exist
  • Added /PropagateActiveProfile command line parameter
  • Added Net user and password for overlay file, image watermark file, and saving pdf on network folders


  • Moved the Advanced save options on the Profiles edit page
  • HelloWorld network sample updated (novaPDF SDK)


  • Corrected bug numeric values ​​when no decimals allowed in regional settings – numbers
  • Corrected mirrored images in printer driver
  • Corrected bug to keep the resolution set in preferences
  • COM events are unique for each printer
  • Crash in spooler (when copying LastBitBlt info in ResetPDEV).
  • Corrected some crashes in COM when calling Watermark functions (novaPDF OEM)
  • Corrected watermark positioning when being set up from SDK (novaPDF SDK)
  • Corrected an error when editing email body text (Email page)
  • When printing from Adobe Reader some characters were not converted correctly (music notes)
  • When printing from Adobe Reader some characters were not converted correctly (music notes)
  • Corrected crash occuring when showing error message box on PDF save
  • Corrected some client hangs when printing particular Excel files
  • Fixed crash occurring when printing from ttf16.ocx (DrvEnablePDEV)

Version number 6.4 build 307
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website softland
File sizes 2.19MB – 4.10MB
License type Shareware
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