Software Update: Nextcloud 25.0.0

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Version 25 of Nextcloud was released some time ago. With Nextcloud it is possible to run cloud storage in-house. It originated as a fork of ownCloud after a large number of developers left there due to a conflict. All components, including the enterprise functionality, are offered as open source and the revenue model is similar to what Red Hat does, which is to provide paid support to large customers. In version 25 we find, among other things, Nextcloud Hub 3 and a new look.

Announcing Nextcloud Hub 3

Today’s a very important day in the world of Nextcloud. As we kick off our first in person Conference since 2020, we have the privilege of sharing our latest release with you. Nextcloud Hub 3 has a major focus on digital well-being. Many of us spend countless hours in front of our computers, so it’s vital we feel good and have fun doing it. That’s why we are introducing a brand new design to the Nextcloud interface. Think fresh, accessible, and personalized. A new era of your Nextcloud interface.

Brand new design

Our design always followed three principles. Focus on content, ease of use, and great accessibility. For this refresh, we added a fourth: make it your own. Here’s what’s new:

  • Personalization. You could already pick a personalized background for the dashboard. But now, your new background of choice is visible in all your apps! It’s subtly in the background so you’re not distracted while still providing a theme and atmosphere that fits best for your working style.
  • Universal access is very important to us. We strive to follow today’s web standards and make sure everything is usable for everyone. We provide mouseless options, assistive software such as screen readers, light and dark modes, keyboard shortcuts, and a font for people with dyslexia.
  • All you have to do to create your own personlized Nextcloud is select the “Appearance and accessibility” option under your icon on the top right hand side of your Nextcloud.

    Photos 2.0

    To many people, photos are some of the most important data. They carry memories, hold deeper meaning, and allow us to share our lives with family and friends. Where photos used to be personal, and kept in photo albums, these days our photos are ‘floating in the cloud’, under control of big tech firms and their photo management software. With AI looking through it, analyzing and checking. We think we all deserve better.

    For that reason, we want to provide you with the best photo management experience possible, without compromising any of your security. Unlike closed and proprietary platforms’ photo apps, your photos won’t be monitored or accessible to third parties. And yet it gives a wonderful experience! Let’s see what is new and improved in Photos 2.0.

  • New tile view for all your photos
    The new tile view is modern, intuitive, and appealing to the eye. Plus, there’s a huge performance improvement to make your experience quick and easy to use.
  • Photo Albums with Sharing Options
    Highly desired by our community is having the ability to create photo albums. Now you can have all your photos from a trip, party, or season in one place. Futhermore, you can share the album with others using a public link so they can add their photos too.
  • Built-in Photo Uploader
    Upload your local photos directly from the Photos App! Now any photos on your device can be easily uploaded, stored, and organized.
  • Photo Editor
    Photo editing is now simpler than ever. Nextcloud’s new built-in photo editor includes all the features, filters, and common edit operations you need to create a stunning image!
  • AI powered automatic face and object recognition
    Nextcloud Photos will automatically tag photos, recognizing cars, trees, food and more. But not just objects – also faces! It will group them in the People tab and allow you to name them. Then, you will be able to search for pictures of cars or your favorite people! Object and face recognition uses a neural network that runs on the server, so rest assured it does not send any data to third parties.
  • Nextcloud Talk improvements

    The Nextcloud Talk experience has greatly improved in design and accessibility. We have paid particular attention to digital well-being, aiming to help you shield yourself from all digital noise. In your chat messages, pasted links instantly transform into widgets that give a rich view of website links, videos, tasks from Deck cards and more. They’re much nicer to look at and pop out so you won’t miss another link or task again.

    In today’s digital reality, there’s countless distractions coming in from all directions, keeping you away from the actual work you need to do. While keeping your mental health in mind, you’re now able to start a call or send messages that do no generate notifications. Send call notifications to the few people you need to talk to in a big group, and not disturb the others.

    You can also configure your working hours so colleagues know when they can book meetings with you. Wind down by automatically enabling a do-not-disturb option outside of the working hours you choose. There’s so much more you can do with the new Talk. Be sure to also look out for:

  • Message expiration
  • Uploading Nextcloud documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files directly from your chat bar
  • Option to create a poll – ask your team how their day is going!
  • SIP dial-in improvements
  • More granular chat permissions
  • Groupware Improvements Email 2.0

    Mail 2.0 debuts a much-improved performance and updated user interface with easily accessible quick actions, mail content preview in the sidebar, a streamlined account setup wizard and integrated support for replying to calendar invitations.

    Viewer integration enables users to view attachments without having to save the file or leaving the Mail app. We also introduced out-of-office setting and the signature settings have been improved and now support rich text signatures, including images. Outside of Mail, the calendar app introduces the duplication of events and improved appointment booking page.


    The Contacts app introduces an organizational chart view. The organization chart is built automatically from the “manager” property in the address book and shows user name, avatar and job title, plus the reporting organization. The view supports zoom, pan and going back to the view of an individual person by clicking the user avatar.

    Performance & Security

    Over 30 improvements to the Nextcloud core were made to upscale performance. Most notably, the load of some operations was reduced by 90% or more, adding up to a 20% faster propfind, one of the most common operations. Users will certainly notice that application loading time was reduced by 30%.

    With growing concerns about the energy usage of data centers, improving the performance of Nextcloud servers has been a key concern for us. This release once again cuts database load and improves page load by 25-30%.

    — Jos Poortvliet, Director Marketing at Nextcloud

    Security is incredibly important for Nextcloud users. Without security, you cannot have privacy or compliance! This release comes with improvements to our server-side and end-to-end encryption technologies.

    • Server-side encryption reduced data usage by 33% and introduces support for S3 primary storage and group folders.
    • The end-to-end encryption performance impact was reduced by 75% and key management for users was introduced in the user settings.
    • System administrators can now configure which users and clients are able to use end-to-end encryption.

    A Word on mobile Apps

    With this release also come major improvements in the mobile and desktop clients, bringing Nextcloud Dashboard widgets to mobile devices. This means Android and iOS users can now add any number of Nextcloud Dashboard widgets to their phone screen, for example:

    • Recently updated status
    • Recently changed or updated files
    • Recent chat messages, emails, notes, and more!

    Android also introduces a new image gallery view, while iOS brings unified search, support for file locking, a new PDF viewer and Files view, updated share view and more. The Windows client is introducing thumbnails for virtual files in Windows next to a host of smaller improvements.

    Exciting new Integrations

    With the aim of improving interoperability with other platforms, Nextcloud works closely with other companies in the collaboration space. This release highlights deeper integrations with:

    • Zimbra → Zimbra chat and email integrated with Nextcloud
    • Cisco Webex → View and edit documents collaboratively while working on Webex
    • NUITEQ Internship → Use a whiteboard for better collaboration during a video call
    • OpenProject → An array of options like linking files and folders with work packages in OpenProject
    • Google Drive → Import your Google calendars, contacts, photos and files into Nextcloud
    • Microsoft OneDrive → Automatically import your OneDrive files into Nextcloud

    Plus, with several other integration projects in progress.

    Version number 25.0.0
    Release status Final
    Operating systems Linux
    Website Nextcloud
    License type GPL
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