Download MotherBoard Monitor 5 PB-2.7

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Max Payne writes that a new version of Motherboard Monitor is available. Not many major updates in the most recent release in my opinion:

  • Problems Fixed

    – Hopefully the INI file access problem with certain virus scanners

    – THM-C 50 detection problem
  • Items Added

    – Snap to Edge or screen added to Dashboard

    – Icon on Dashboard to open Settings

    – Icon on Settings to open Dashboard

    – Double click icon will open Settings screen

    – Option to select what a double click does (Settings, Dashboard or both)

    – Digital style meter added to Dashboard

    – Option to select the color for the digital meter
  • Version number 5.0 PB 2.7
    Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
    Website MBM Homepage
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