Download Media Player Classic – Home Cinema 1.9.20

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In July 2017, version 1.7.13 of Media Player Classic – Home Cinema was released and the developers indicated that they will continue no more new versions would bring out. However, the source code is open source, and a developer known as clsid on the website Doom9 and a long-time member of mpc-hc now releases new “unofficial” versions from time to time. These mainly contain minor improvements and the latest versions of the LAV Filters and MediaInfo are always included. The changelog for version 1.9.20 can be found below.


  • Updated LAV Filters to version 0.76.1


  • Rewritten code that deals with file history. It works better with multiple instances now.
  • Remembered file position now resets to 0 when playback has reached 95% of file duration when closing the player. We assume that end credits have been reached in that case.
  • Remembered file position also resets to 0 when pressing stop button. So close player directly or open other file without pressing stop if you wish to resume later.
  • The uninstaller now unregisters file associations
  • The last used QuickOpen and SaveImage paths are now remembered individually
  • Added support for extended locale names in subtitles menu
  • Decimal values ​​are now possible for subtitle font spacing and border width/shadow settings
  • Now supports loading chapter metadata from .xchp file. Use text file (UTF-8 encoding). Each line is a chapter defined as HH:MM:SS,ddd timecode, optionally followed by a space and chapter name.


  • Fixed issue where PGS subtitles could be partially rendered outside of visible area
  • Fixed regression with reading CDText metadata
  • Fixed regression regarding auto-hide of toolbar in case of two monitors with vertical placement
  • Workaround for Windows 11 bug where the options dialog was not rendered properly for RTL languages
  • Workaround for Windows 10/11 bug where subtitle download dialog could become visible when using taskbar window peek
  • Several other small bugs

Version number 1.9.20
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website doom9
file size


License type GPL
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