Software Update: LibreOffice 7.4.1

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The Document Foundation has released the first update to version 7.4.0 of LibreOffice. This open source office suite was created as a spin-off of OpenOffice and comes with the word processor Writer, spreadsheet program Calc, presentation program Impress, drawing program Draw, database program Base and Formula, an application for creating scientific notations. Version 7.4 adds support for webp images, includes documentation for the ScriptForge scripting library, and improves performance and compatibility. Version 7.4.1 is also a bug fix release and had two release candidates, in which a total of eighty improvements were made

Bug fixed in version 7.4.1 RC1

  • cid#1509215 using a moved object
  • orz#49713 heap use after free
  • tdf#77964 FILEOPEN: WPS DOC – Image wrapped Optimal instead of No Wrap
  • tdf#82087 FORMATTING: (Hyphenation) “Paragraph Styles > Text Flow > Characters at line end” lower limit is wrong for Greek language
  • tdf#91764 RTL: Arabic, Hebrew diacritics cant be found using search dialog
  • tdf#103492 Arabic words not formed well in textboxes when sentence begins with English word
  • tdf#114790 In dialog boxes, currency fields value can’t be aligned on right
  • tdf#119246 Dimensions dialog has wrong values ​​in fields “Line distance”, “Left guide” and “Right guide”
  • tdf#120972 Columns created using decimal point tab in ruler become misaligned in docx files
  • tdf#124076 preview for horizontal alignment of object in frame border has left and right image exchanged
  • tdf#126754 FONT FEATURES DIALOG: Wrong OpenType tag for fractions in “font features” dialog
  • tdf#129631 PHILEOPEN: RTF: paragraph borders deduplicated away if color changes
  • tdf#130795 PHILEOPEN: Spreadsheet takes long to open
  • tdf#133123 Python module overrides import, resulting in failure of subsequent import cairosvg module
  • tdf#133299 Option to set the default anchor mode for images in Calc
  • tdf#135991 Hebrew Text Randomly Disappears and Reappears (see comment 17)
  • tdf#141652 FILESAVE: DOCX: Image distorted after RT
  • tdf#142628 Wrong Icons for “Field”and “Field by type in Navigator’s Navigate By Drop Down Menu
  • tdf#143703 –convert-to epub triggers sw/source/core/undo/unattr.cxx:105: SwUndoFormatAttr::SwUndoFormatAttr(const SfxItemSet &, SwFormat &, bool): Assertion `m_sFormatName.getLength()’ failed
  • tdf#147466 Crash swlo!SwDoc::InvalidateNumRules+0x657 (track changes involved)
  • tdf#147782 Macro recorder: After start windowlet takes keyboard focus. Keystrokes don’t go to the document.
  • tdf#148289 line break attribute “clear” renders wrong in tb-rl (CJK) writing mode
  • tdf#148291 line break clear=”right” renders wrong for floating object left in RTL
  • tdf#148360 PHILEOPEN: Incorrect indent of first line
  • tdf#148518 FILEOPEN RTF Dropdown field does not read all items
  • tdf#149115 Accessibility Checker does not check for title property containing only white space
  • tdf#149388 deleting ‘the’ tracks the change as ‘moved (deletion)’
  • tdf#149548 CRASH: copying and pasting tracked content
  • tdf#149768 Template Manager dialog too small
  • tdf#149858 Formula object is not displayed properly in formula editor when text editor zoom level
  • tdf#149915 It is not possible to delete an embedded database
  • tdf#149916 Seeing _RefHeading_ in cross-ref field listing in Navigator
  • tdf#149921 WebDAV TLS not working with self signed CA and host cert
  • tdf#149943 Pixelated PDF export and print for a rotated image
  • tdf#150034 LibreOffice Calc hangs on opening the particular file with pathological chart
  • tdf#150100 UI Calc Double cell border has minimum width at import
  • tdf#150138 FILEOPEN: Writer crashes when opening ODT file
  • tdf#150151 pasting text from writer misses a lot of characters When pasted into impress!
  • tdf#150162 Trying to download a sample document from Fourier Analysis online help page fails
  • tdf#150166 Interoperability does not work accurate, when I save as DOCX an existing DOCX file.
  • tdf#150176 FILEOPEN PPTX: extraneous borders around chart objects
  • tdf#150197 number lost (after assigning numbering to style) when exporting to DOCX
  • tdf#150203 Impossible to call RANDBETWEEN using FunctionAccess when UI language is not English
  • tdf#150219 EDITING: Crash when cutting trace dependent with precedent on different sheet
  • tdf#150222 REPORTBUILDER – Starting to set font for a text box crashes whole LO
  • tdf#150232 Form Properties dialog becomes black on Datasource/Content type change
  • tdf#150235 Separator line in columned section
  • tdf#150236 Does not open full screen, ooSetupFactoryWindowAttributes not being filled ( steps in comment 21 ) ( LibreOffice 7.4 only )
  • tdf#150241 Crash in: void rtl::str::assign
  • tdf#150247 XML files are not imported when placed in a directory path containing Japanese
  • tdf#150249 Crash in Fontworks applying style after undo
  • tdf#150253 XCell::setFormula() for AddIn functions works only with programmatic name
  • tdf#150267 FILEOPEN DOCX RTF Unused document variable not imported
  • tdf#150269 FILEOPEN RTF Single line breaks hidden property not imported
  • tdf#150278 Form control Property Browser dialog doesn’t remember last used tab (differently wrong in gtk3 and gen)
  • tdf#150288 Aug. 1st becomes Jan. 8th when using DD/MM/YYYY date format
  • tdf#150293 Section column separator – more (line width)
  • tdf#150323 SVG: marker-mid and marker-end not supported properly
  • tdf#150331 EDITING: AutoCorrect without “Show as tip” always fills in rest of word regardless of next key stroke
  • tdf#150336 Shift + Up/Left no longer works to select cells in LO 7.4 beta 2 (using the Tabbed UI)
  • tdf#150382 FILEOPEN RTF Paragraph border from style turned off with DF is still visible
  • tdf#150394 LibreOffice is crashing with long hyperlink on the last position (Don’t hyphenate the last word)
  • tdf#150407 ODF: invalid attribute “writing-mode” in case ODF 1.3 strict for frame style with bottom-top left-right
  • tdf#150443 Track changes: Crash rejecting a grouped change
  • tdf#150452 Crash in:
  • tdf#150496 gtk3: Orca no longer announces Writer text
  • tdf#150507 VIEWING: Text in Writer 7.4.0 appears smeared

Bug fixed in version 7.4.1 RC2

  • cid#1509247 reserve here can’t be right
  • tdf#150034 LibreOffice Calc hangs on opening the particular file with pathological chart
  • tdf#150499 CRASH: deleting sheet
  • tdf#150506 Synonyms context menu is gone
  • tdf#150577 Form Controls: “Input Required” in Form Controls won’t do anything
  • tdf#150594 LO 7.4: crash when I update a chapter index (swlo!SwDoc::SetTOXBaseName+0x5cd:)
  • tdf#150599 FILEOPEN .dif files in LibreOffice Calc
  • tdf#150618 Serious performance regression: it takes 5min+ for SUMIFS formula recalculation when switching sheet (while it only takes 30s in 7.3)
  • tdf#150629 LibreOffice Writer crashes when editing a page break
  • tdf#150689 The Spreadsheets (Calc) > Miscellaneous folder can’t be opened in Help
  • tdf#150770 FILEOPEN: PPtX: Read error – Error reading file
  • tdf#150832 PHILEOPEN: charts cannot be seen (only white boxes)
  • tdf#150846 Converting txt files to pdf fails with an ERRCODE_IO_CANTWRITE error code

Version number 7.4.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website The Document Foundation
File size


License type GPL
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