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Although version 7.4 was released a while ago, the Document Foundation has released one last update from the 7.3 series of LibreOffice. This open source office suite was created as a spin-off of OpenOffice and comes with the word processor Writer, spreadsheet program Calc, presentation program Impress, drawing program Draw, database program Base and Formula, an application for creating scientific notations.

Version 7.3 makes it possible, among other things, to link hyperlinks to shapes and the changes that have been made are better tracked. We can also expect performance improvements and the usual improvements related to importing and exporting Microsoft Office files. Version 7.3.7 is also a bug fix release and had two release candidates, in which a total of 28 improvements were made.

Bugs fixed in version 7.3.7 RC1:

  • tdf#98067 Menu bar and right tool bar are invisible, but functional in high-contrast-mode/theme
  • tdf#114769 Relative URL lost after Save as HTML (Export as HTML works)
  • tdf#137341 UI font is not visible in Contextual Groups and Groupedbar Compact UIs when system dark mode is enabled
  • tdf#137577 UI: resolve ambiguity for ‘named ranges’ with identical name and different scope
  • tdf#138625 FILEOPEN DOCX: The footnote/endnote number in an imported word text is not in a superscript (non-English UI only), because its formatting loaded in a new character style named “Footnote Characters” or “Endnote Characters”
  • tdf#141981 Redraw fails in Windows LO Draw moving shapes with multiple formatting
  • tdf#144939 Non-contiguous chapter numbering (works after save and reload)
  • tdf#147507 Crash swlo!SwRedlineExtraData_FormatColl::Reject+0x1b6 (STR: comment 7)
  • tdf#148620 Crash in Draw and Impress when using Format > Lists > Move Down
  • tdf#149277 Database Browser: Query disappears if it has the same name as a following database – Tree list sort
  • tdf#150307 Calc Name Box field not updated immediately after deleting a sheet-local named range with deleting a sheet
  • tdf#150575 REPORTBUILDER: Crash when closing report after report navigator has been started
  • tdf#150622 High Contrast theme is broken with GTK3.
  • tdf#150647 Autofilter result is wrong when filtering (empty) records
  • tdf#150689 The Spreadsheets (Calc) > Miscellaneous folder can’t be opened in Help
  • tdf#150766 Incomplete calculation
  • tdf#150829 Calc Name Box field not updated immediately after undoing duplication of sheet
  • tdf#150926 An identity function implemented in Python does not evaluate equal to itself
  • tdf#150927 export of table in frame in table in header silently drops inner table
  • tdf#150987 CRASH: pasting content
  • tdf#150992 CRASH: applying pop art filter to an SVG image
  • tdf#151100 Table in a shape in a header is lost on ODT export
  • tdf#151148 Finding KATAKANA which has voice consonant mark returns incorrect results.
  • tdf#151316 CRASH in SwTextGridPage::CharorLineChangedHdl (gen)
  • tdf#151441 Queries don’t show any content when executed directly through GUI

Bugs fixed in version 7.3.7 RC2:

  • tdf#150780 Calc Failed to re-enter a formula starting with +
  • tdf#150888 Blurry icon in OLE link [Paris Oplopoios]
  • tdf#151073 MacOS appstore LibreOffice fails to provide means to create new database in default configuration settings.

Version number 7.3.7
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website The Document Foundation
License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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