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To map the devices in your network, you can use Lansweeper. This program works on a Windows machine and is able to inventory the existing software and hardware in the network without having to install a client program on each computer. All information can then be consulted via a web interface. Lansweeper is available as freeware for small environments and for larger environments will paid must become. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Lansweeper, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 550

  • Added: LAN-11934 Cloud-linked Lansweeper installations can now see brand, model and OS lifecycle information on individual asset pages in Cloud
  • Added: LAN-11999 It is now possible to configure per LsAgent group under Scanning\LsAgent Scanning whether automatic LsAgent client updates are enabled. The default setting is “enabled” for all groups, both in new and updated Lansweeper installations.
  • Added: LAN-12468 Lansweeper now also scans the install location of Microsoft Store apps, if Store apps are enabled for scanning, and saves it in the tblSoftware.InstallLocation database field
  • Added: LAN-13246 Lansweeper now scans some additional properties of applications installed on Mac computers, including app path, and saves them in the tblMacApplications database table
  • Changed: LAN-13094 Added a software type column to the Software\Windows Software menu
  • Changed: LAN-13056 Added more indexes to the Lansweeper database to improve performance in certain areas
  • Changed: LAN-12391 If an OID lookup entry exists under Configuration\Asset Mapping for an asset scanned via SNMP, the model from that lookup entry is now used as the scanned asset model, taking precedence over any model info pulled from the device itself
  • Changed: LAN-11999 LsAgent version info is now displayed in the Configuration tab of LsAgent groups under Scanning\LsAgent Scanning
  • Changed: LAN-11999 LsAgent version info is now displayed on the Assets\LsAgent Assets page
  • Changed: LAN-11891 Made minor cosmetic improvements to the popups for creating Azure AD, Intune and Microsoft 365 scanning targets
  • Changed: LAN-13224 Performed a visual redesign of the top and left menus of the Lansweeper web console, giving these menus a more modern look and feel. A setting is available under Configuration\Website Settings to switch between the old and new UI.
  • Changed: LAN-12985 Scanned serial numbers are now taken into account by the non-Windows asset merge logic. If two non-Windows devices share a MAC address but have differing scanned serials, these devices no longer merge.
  • Changed: LAN-13235 Updated messaging throughout the web console to reflect that two-factor authentication and an app password are required now to use Gmail as a mail server for the help desk or alerts
  • Changed: LAN-12595 When installing or updating Lansweeper under the SQL LocalDB database server, LocalDB is now based on the more recent SQL Server 2014 Express SP3, build 12.3.6433.1
  • Changed: LAN-11744 When re-enabling a previously disabled scanned item interval, the refresh setting is now reverted to its previously configured value, instead of a default value of 5
  • Fixed: LAN-13117 Azure AD scanning can fail due to a DbUpdateException error related to postal code information
  • Fixed: LAN-13128 Character encoding issue in LsAgent, causing some scanned values ​​with special characters in them (groups, users, software names etc.) to be scanned as empty strings
  • Fixed: LAN-12576 Character encoding issue in the Switch Scanning info text under Configuration\Server Options
  • Fixed: LAN-12650 Distinct AirWatch devices that share a MAC address aren’t correctly uniquely identified, resulting in AirWatch data being linked to incorrect assets
  • Fixed: LAN-13127 Doing an export to Excel from the Assets menu results in a file without the .xlsx file extension
  • Fixed: LAN-13120 Duplicate rows in the built-in reports “Software: Changes in the last 24 hours” and “Software: Changes in the last 7 days”
  • Fixed: LAN-13316 Errors related to the built-in reports “Chart: Display number of display ports” and “Chart: Display number of HDMI” when the Lansweeper database is hosted in SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Fixed: LAN-13173 Even with Asset Radar set to Enabled, assets found in Asset Radar logs aren’t always scanned or scanned assets aren’t always linked to the correct Asset Radar log entries
  • Fixed: LAN-13101 Fujitsu warranty scanning is non-functional due to changes in the manufacturer’s website
  • Fixed: LAN-13141 If an initial push to Cloud repeatedly fails, database backups used for previous push attempts aren’t always cleaned up, taking up unnecessary disk space
  • Fixed: LAN-10219 If a Windows computer’s graphics card memory exceeds 4GB, Lansweeper is unable to correctly identify the memory amount
  • Fixed: LAN-13175 Importing a non-Windows asset with a MAC address but no IP address can result in asset duplication when subsequently scanning the device
  • Fixed: LAN-12727 Incorrect amount of memory scanned for Citrix XenServer assets
  • Fixed: LAN-12868 Incorrect display of line breaks as HTML in asset comments in the Summary tab of individual asset pages
  • Fixed: LAN-12976 In some situations, eg when certain firewall rules are in place, IP scans can get stuck in the IP queue after being sent to the Windows computer queue
  • Fixed: LAN-13401 Issue scanning CPU and RAM info of some Unix distributions
  • Fixed: LAN-13003 Issue scanning network interface info of some Unix distributions
  • Fixed: LAN-12925 Issue scanning OS info of Linux Mint machines
  • Fixed: LAN-12413 Issue scanning OS release info of some Unix distributions
  • Fixed: LAN-12831 Issue with broken images in help desk ticket templates
  • Fixed: LAN-11851 On smaller screens, the confirmation popup when deleting a user under Configuration\User Access & Roles appears partially off-screen
  • Fixed: LAN-13132 Pinging assets from the Assets menu, sorting the Ping column and then exporting asset data results in the following web server error: “Invalid column name Custom. ORDER BY items must appear in the select list if SELECT DISTINCT is specified”
  • Fixed: LAN-12794 Scheduled tasks used for running deployments are not always automatically cleaned up on the client machine after the completion of the deployment
  • Fixed: LAN-13166 Several issues scanning enhanced key usage information of Windows computer certificates
  • Fixed: LAN-11845 Several layout issues on individual asset pages when no results are available for certain scanned pieces of data
  • Fixed: LAN-12766 Some large values ​​retrieved during Linux, ESXi and Windows certificate scanning are not properly written to the Lansweeper database, due to the corresponding database fields being too small
  • Fixed: LAN-12866 Sorting the Scan Issues column in the Assets menu and then exporting asset data results in the following web server error: “ORDER BY items must appear in the select list if SELECT DISTINCT is specified”
  • Fixed: LAN-12541 SQL injection issue, found by Matt M of Dark Nebula Security
  • Fixed: LAN-13140 The button for manually retrying a failed initial push isn’t always available, despite being mentioned in the failure message
  • Fixed: LAN-13124 The following DbUpdateException error can occur during Windows certificate scanning: “Number 515: Cannot insert the value NULL into column Subject, table lansweeperdb.dbo.tblCertificates; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails”
  • Fixed: LAN-13123 The following DbUpdateException error can occur during Windows certificate scanning: “Number 2627: Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint UQ_tblCertificateLocations. Cannot insert duplicate key into object dbo.tblCertificateLocations”
  • Fixed: LAN-12415 The following error can occur when attempting to add an alert for a report: “Error while saving: String was not recognized as a valid Boolean”
  • Fixed: LAN-12808 The following error can occur while scanning system drivers of Windows computers: “Error getting unique key in sql server via SELECT SystemDriverUniID FROM tblSystemDriversUni”
  • Fixed: LAN-12414 The following error can occur while scanning unbundled software of a Unix machine: “maxdepth is not a valid option”
  • Fixed: LAN-12921 The Lansweeper database backup used for the initial push to Cloud sometimes remains mounted after a failed push
  • Fixed: LAN-13049 The Last Full Sync date under Configuration\Link With Cloud Site does not take the configured web console date format into account
  • Fixed: LAN-11922 The Scan Time tab on individual asset pages is not highlighted when selected
  • Fixed: LAN-13162 Unbundled software of Linux computers is incorrectly detected when there are executables present directly in the /opt directory of the client machine
  • Fixed: LAN-12859 Using complex JOIN clauses in a report can cause the report builder to get stuck loading or to throw object reference errors
  • Fixed: LAN-13415 “Value cannot be null” error when attempting to import a file under Scanning\OID Scanning Targets
  • Fixed: LAN-13214 When disabling the Windows driver, certificate or Microsoft Store app item intervals and then scanning client machines with LsAgent, data is still erroneously imported for the disabled items
  • Fixed: LAN-12703 When replacing a Lansweeper scan server with another server in the same subnet, Asset Radar logs erroneously remain associated with the old server
  • Fixed: LAN-7464 When scanning an asset both directly with agentless scanning and with an Azure scanning target, duplicate assets are generated
  • Fixed: LAN-13194 When unsyncing individual assets from Cloud in a Cloud-linked installation, those assets are sometimes erroneously synced with Cloud again
  • Fixed: LAN-12418 Windows Internet Explorer 11 is sometimes shown as installed software on machines that don’t have this web browser installed
  • Fixed: LAN-12807 Windows printer driver scanning can fail with the following DbUpdateException error: “Number 242: The conversion of a datetime2 data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value”

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 11
Website lance weeper
License type Freeware/Paid
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