Software Update: K-Lite 2.6 RC22

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K-Lite is a modified version of Kazaa. The most obvious change in these tweaked versions is the removal of the adware bundled with Kazaa Media Desktop. Of course the sun did not rise for nothing, and features such as an extensive tray menu, ip-blocker and the automatic search for more sources are also included in this package. Handy software such as KaZuperNodes and KaNAT are also included. The developer left us the following comments:


  • It Is Recommended You Uninstall Older Versions Of K-Lite Before Upgrading
  • K-Lite Is In NO Way Affiliated With Or Endorsed By Sharman Networks’ KaZaA.

Changes In RC22

  • Updated Khancer (1.0.35)
  • Updated KaZuperNodes To 1.4.8 Final
  • Updated KaNAT To 0.3.8 Final
  • Modifications To User Config Wizard
  • Changes To Various Webpages
  • Updated HOSTS And BannedIPS
  • Re-Added .OCX Files
  • Minor Changes/ Improvements

Version number 2.6 RC 22
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Fast TrackHelp
file size


License type Freeware