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jIRCii is a fully Java-based IRC client, making it suitable for Windows, Linux or MacOS X system. The program uses a user interface that can be configured yourself. In addition, it is possible to download jIRCii via the browser start† Before jIRCii can be used, you must: Java 1.4.2 or later installed on the computer. The changelog of the new beta looks like this:

Beta 28 Release 02.12.05

  • Fixed race issues in Sleep parser
  • Fixed script stack conflicts caused by the global script cache mechanism
  • Removed timer synchronization (this is likely a good thing)
  • jIRCii now strips out the unreal mode “!” indicating someone is a channel admin, assumes an @ in its place
  • Added a property “notabs.border” for determining the size of the window border when server tabs are turned off. Default is 1x
  • Bound Alt+H to open the help dialog
  • Hard coded the default behavior of double clicking a nickname in a channel listbox, this behavior can be overriden with a script
  • Removed the garbage collection call tied to /clear, /clearall
  • Fixed /run, /exec threading, I was making a method call that resulted in the /run, /exec being executed in the current thread
  • On disconnect the first message will be echo’d to every window, every disconnect from a reconnect attempt will thereafter be echo’d to the status window
  • Lag checking is now tied in as part of the notify list requests rather than sending a CTCP LAG to yourself every 60 seconds
  • Temporarily removed IRC Tutorial from Help dialog
  • Added property “ui.buffersize” which defines the max tolerance of the scrollback buffer. when this value is hit, the scroll back buffer is trimmed down to half of the max buffer size
  • Added &getButtonColor(“window”) for retrieving the color of the text on a switchbar button in aarrggbb format
  • Added &setButtonColor(“window”, color_in_aarrggbb_format) for setting the color of the text on a switchbar button
  • Text echo’d using &echoRaw is now logged (if logging is enabled)
  • Added “switchbar.hilight” option to enable/disable built-in hilighting a switchbar button on activity
  • Rewrote sleep predicate parser to allow for right hand side expressions to evaluate correctly
  • jIRCii now handles empty /names replies better
  • Added a $mouse variable to on click/dclick/sclick events.


Version number beta 28
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS
Website jIRCii Resource Center
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License type Freeware
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