Software update: Factorio 0.18.29

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Factorio is a ‘building and management’ game where the main character has crashed on an alien planet. The goal is to collect resources and process them into semi-finished products several times to eventually build a rocket that will allow you to leave the planet. More information can be found on the website of the game and also on our Forum you can visit this topic for player experiences. The developer has released version 0.18.29 with the following changes:

Version 0.18.29

  • graphics
    • Reworked engine unit icon.
    • Tweaked the color of Sulfur icon.
  • changes
    • Updates to mini tutorials.
    • New descriptions for mini tutorial list.
  • Features
    • Added support to manually set several paths through the config.ini [path] file. ‘saves’, ‘scenarios’, ‘mods’, ‘archive’, and ‘script-output’
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed choose-elem-button filters not being respected when clicking the button with an item in hand.
  • scripting
    • Added LuaEntityPrototype::grid_prototype read.

Version 0.18.28

  • Gui
    • Minor visual changes and fixes to achievement and tutorial related guis.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed that changing script areas and positions through the map editor in multiplayer as the client didn’t work correctly. (85308)
    • Fixed a crash when clearing logistic requests. (85323)
    • Fixed some styles being defined twice in style.lua. (85337)
    • Fixed follower robot count alert not showing correctly. (85313)
    • Fixed container gui not showing logistics filters properly in large containers. (85338)
    • Fixed wrong open/close sound for chemical plant. (85315)
  • modding
    • Added support to play a sound when opening dropdowns through opened_sound.
    • Improved performance by up to 2.5x when the game needs to iterate Lua tables on the C++ side.
    • Improved save/load performance or mod script data.
  • scripting
    • Lua functions are now explicitly disallowed in the script ‘global’ table.
    • Added LuaSurface::generate_with_lab_tiles read/write
    • Added LuaEntity::mine().

Version number 0.18.29
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Factorio
License type Paid
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