Software Update: EZ CD Audio Converter

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Poikosoft has released version 10.1.1 of EZ CD Audio Converter. EZ CD Audio Converter is an all-in-one program for ripping, editing and converting audio files and can also be used to burn CDs and DVDs. Support is available for all known audio formats, including mp3, aac, he aac, Dolby Pulse, Apple Lossless, flac, Vorbis, Opus and Windows Media Audio. A license costs four bucks and the program can be tried for three weeks. Since version 10.0, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in version 10.1.1

  • Bugfix: Fixed the sluggish selection of files with album art (was a bug [C++ typo] in thumbnail creation code)
  • Updated Monkey’s Audio [ APE ] 8.12 Codec

Changes in version 10.1

  • Codec updates
    • Updated FLAC 1.3.4 (220529) codec
    • Opus decoder update
      • Improved decoding of corrupted files
    • Updated Monkey’s Audio [ APE ] 7.80 codec
    • Updated Apple Lossless [ ALAC ] codec
      • Encoder with performance improvements
      • Fixed security vulnerabilities in decoder
    • MP3 encoder now allows 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rate selection with VBR modes 7, 8 and 9 per user request
  • Dark Mode: removed the white color flickering on control and window transitions

Changes in version 10.0.7

  • Visual updates
  • dark mode
    • Darker (now inline with the Windows 10/11 system dark mode)
    • Use more Windows 10/11 native dark mode features
    • Windows 10 native dark mode window caption
    • Windows 10 native dark mode (thinner) window borders
    • Windows 10 native window shadows
    • Improved file lists and file explorer tree visuals
    • Improved full metadata edit window visuals
    • Improved cover art search and manual metadata search window visuals
  • Blue Theme
    • Windows 11 less saturated window borders
  • Rating star icons updated
  • Microsoft Store App: Windows File Explorer context menus can be disabled/enabled from the Settings
  • Bugfix: When adding an invalid Cue Sheet (.cue) file the App may have crashed when displaying the error window (thread synchronization bug)

Changes in version 10.0.6

  • Fixed the bug where the App did not show in maximized window in Dark Mode when restoring from the previous session (also the window border was not showing in Windows 10)
  • Fixed the bug where the Windows File Explorer context menu would still freeze in Windows 10 Dark Mode (regression from the previous update)

Changes in version 10.0.5

  • Fixed the bug where the Windows File Explorer context menu would freeze (when used) if the App was set to Dark Mode

Changes in version 10.0.4

  • User interface: Some layout improvements
  • User interface: Some graphics improvements
  • Dark Mode: Window resize grip area on bottom is now larger (more sensitive)
  • Dark Mode: Rendering bug (white pixels) on some areas fixed
  • Dark Mode: Windows 11 natively use dark mode (thinner) borders
  • Dark Mode: Windows 11 native window shadows now shown
  • Dark Mode: Windows 10 dark mode now more inline with the Windows 10 design (previously more Windows 11 themed)
  • Dark Mode: Improved some user interface images to look better in dark mode

Changes in version 10.0.3

  • Option to choose between Blue and Windows color theme in Light Mode
  • Minor Dark Mode improvements

Changes in version 10.0.2

  • FLAC 1.3.4
  • Bugfix: Audio Converter Album Art info label was missing in 10.0.1

Changes in version 10.0.1

  • dark mode

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website poikosoft
file size


License type Paid
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