Software Update: EMDB 3.64

Version 3.64 of EMDB has been released. EMDB, which stands for Eric’s Movie Database, is a free program for managing a movie collection. Although the download is not even 5MB in size, the program has extensive functionality. For example, relevant information from online databases such as IMDbMovieMeterTMDb and TheTVDB can be retrieved, it is possible to keep track of which films have been borrowed and films that are on the hard disk can be started directly from the program. EMDB can be used in various languages, including Dutch. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Release 3.64

  • Groups: First group from the list could not be selected.
  • Database: Added TagLine field.
  • CSV Import / Export: better support csv standards by escaping separator characters and double quotes.
  • Thumbnail / Poster Batch Update: Optimized reading Poster / Thumbnail from IMDb in Batch Update.
  • TVSeries: Improved detecting season info for format ‘Name.Properties.102.ReleaseGroup.extension’.
  • Add from Hard Disk: Added support for adding multiple TV Series at once (if they are in their own folder).
  • Delete: Improved if highest Movie position is reserved after deleting one or more movies this useless position is removed too.
  • Edit Actors: Update actor with imdb number sometimes returned an empty name. If no photo was available photo was not cleared.
  • Options: Export / Print column widths were not correctly saved.
  • User Interface: Improved restoring column widths of the ListView.
  • MediaInfo: Fixed some more undetected Audio streams.
  • User Interface: Sort on runtime was sometimes incorrect due to new display in hours for very long durations (TV Series).
  • Add from Hard Disk: Improved parsing of movie filenames for IMDb lookup.
  • Rename Media Files: Added %d Director.
  • User Interface: Better support larger Windows Font Size (125% or 150%).
  • Translations: Updated the Turkish, Arabic, French, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German and Dutch translations.

Version number 3.64
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Wicked & Wild Inc.
File size


License type Freeware/Paid