Software Update: Drupal 9.2.16 / 9.3.9

Updates have been released for Drupal versions 9.2 and 9.3† Drupal is a PHP-written, user-friendly and powerful content management platform, with which, for example, websites can be created. It’s simple enough for a novice user, but powerful enough to build a more complex website as well. The program includes a content management platform and a development framework. The updates include a new version of the Guzzle library, which should fix some security vulnerabilities.

release notes

This is a security release of the Drupal 9 series.

This release fixes security vulnerabilities. Sites are urged to update immediately after reading the notes below and the security announcements:

No other fixes are included.

Version number 9.2.16 / 9.3.9
Release status Final
Operating systems script language
Website Drupal
License type GPL