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Anonymous: 47076 reports that version 3.17 has been released of Daemon Tools. With Daemon Tools it is possible to read ISOs and extract the files contained in them without burning the ISO to a CD/DVD. The release notes and changelog are short but sweet:

This new version of DAEMON Tools can perfectly emulate new generation of protections based on measurement of the physical CD media parameters (CDCOPS©, VOB ProtectCD 5©, latest SecuRom© etc.). In fact we were ready for such emulation about half a year ago, but such emulation also required creation of new image format capable to hold additional information (not only pure data and subchannel). Such image format became MDS (Media Descriptor) previously natively used in FantomCD.

  • Virtual drive support for CDCOPS©, VOB ProtectCD 5©, and latest Securom© versions
  • Manual converted to .CHM format (thanks to Andareed)
  • Fixed different blacklists (also driver renamed to ‘STLTH317’ as a preventive measure)
  • Version number 3.17
    Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
    Website The Daemon’s home
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