Software update: ClarkConnect 2.0 beta

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Point Clark Networks recently released a beta version of their ClarkConnect 2.0 software package. This is a complete operating system that can turn any normal PC into a dedicated gateway and easy-to-use server. All the usual features are present, such as a firewall, intrustion detection system, Apache web server with CGI, PHP and SSL support, file server with FTP, Windows and AppleShare, e-mail server with POP, IMAP and SMTP, built-in web proxy filter, printer server with support for Samba and of course DHCP and DNS services. The following release notes are available:

The Beta Process
The beta period typically extends over a two week period. During the beta, we will be providing regular updates via the apt-get tool. Beta users should run the following to keep their systems up-to-date:

  • apt get update
  • apt get upgrade

Known Issues

  • Translation is still incomplete (since we have new features and moved some things around).
  • The CD-based installer screens look a little strange. The network based install is fine.
  • Translation is the installer is a bit amusing. The software uses “fuzzy” translation when a language tag is missing. This leads to poorly translated pages.
  • The console tool will always reject your username and password (this bug was introduced in the last build)
  • You can only register a single device to your online account. The ability to manage multiple systems in one account will be available with the gold release.
  • The Running Services page takes a long time to load.
  • Many perl scripts fail with the new internationalization tags. If you have non-ClarkConnect perl scripts installed on your system, make sure you check them.
  • Stray Webalizer report for SSL log
  • SnortSnarf is not functional
  • SpamAssassin is not functional
  • Many cosmetic issues

Version number 2.0 beta
Operating systems Linux
Website ClarkConnect
License type Freeware