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Version 3.3.1 of the cross-platform and open source program Blender has been released. This application is intended for 3d modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, interactive creation and playback. More information about the extensive possibilities of Blender can be found at this page are being found. This program includes short open source animation films Elephant’s Dream, Big Buck Bunny, CinderTears of Steel, Cosmos Laundromat and Sprite Fright made. Version 3.3 is not just the release in the 3.xx series that features extended support, it is another release with lots of changes. Version 3.3.1 is a so-called bug fix release and contains the following improvements:


  • Regression: The start frame of NLA tracks cannot be negative. [T100918]
  • Cycles shows transmission in displaced shader as black. [T100914]
  • Cryptomatte layers saved incorrectly with EXR DWA compression. [T96933]
  • Cryptomatte EXR Output Bit Depth should always be 32bit. [T88049]
  • Banding-like effect in Cycles using OpenVDB volumes. [T100714]
  • Texture bake fills black when set clear texture. [T100708]
  • The eevee view model failed to load the texture, causing the model to be purple. [T57759]
  • EEVEE: Fix attributes node on Alpha Clip/Hashed materials. [rB5e372fca7c8]
  • Regression: “Copy Location” constraint doesn’t work if the control object is a vertex and we’re in edit mode. [T99141]
  • UI: Add shift-click hint to library overrides button tooltip. [rBc25181be4d8]
  • Fix: Spreadsheet row filters unimplemented for boolean type. [rBbcdb90b9618]
  • OBJ exporter does not properly export “image sequence” texture names. [T100669]
  • New 3.1+ OBJ exporter UI fields order could be improved. [T96297]
  • Some C++ importers/exporters (eg OBJ) reset file dialog Sort By mode. [T100887]
  • Fix: link drag search feature only works for geometry nodes groups. [rB568265964e9]
  • Sync markers option doesn’t work when sliding keyframes with a keyboard entry. [T100851]
  • GPencil: Copy paste stroke(s) does not respect autokeying value. [T100999]
  • GLibC Compat: Add deprecated memory hooks symbols removed from 2.34. [rBbf6a9d705f1]
  • Cleanup: quiet missing-variable-declarations warning. [rBec2938c71a5]
  • Fix compilation on Linux, glibc 2.34, and CentOS libraries. [rB6143b3ab382]
  • Stereo Top/Bottom Render (Cycles) Missing Z Channel:. [T100886]
  • Incorrect strip length when timecodes are used. [T100771]
  • 3.3LTS: crash when entering sculpt mode of a wire mesh if it is a “custom object” of a bone. [T101081]
  • Regression: Blender Crashes When snap roll a bone in armature. [T101040]
  • Color picker colors drift value for some OCIO configurations. [T101000]
  • vse group strips expanding in length on canceled movement. [T101098]
  • GPencil: Important feature request for Blender 3.3 LTS: Add new option “Forced Intersection”. [T101087]
  • Regression: VSE doesn’t interpolate Scene Strip anymore. [T100998]
  • Regression: Crash on connecting UV sphere node to transform node. [T101137]
  • Regression: Crash when left click on Point Density node. [T101001]
  • GPencil: Add frame number to Trace operator. [rBfe15766f463]
  • Regression: Tiled rendering is not applied to texture baking in 3.x onwards, causing crash on large bakes. [T100626]
  • Regression: Denoising depth pass: different result from 3.2.2 (ok) to 3.3. [T101065]
  • Add oneAPI to the ‘cycles_device’ command line argument help text. [rBa920f32]
  • obj: support importing multiple files at once. [rBdba599c8064]
  • GPencil: Allow import several SVG at time. [rB345cdf71e96]
  • C++ exporters (OBJ/Collada/USD/Alembic) do not remember the path/filename on subsequent exports. [T100797]
  • Regression: Drag and Drop seems to be broken for image files from desktop. [T100899]
  • glTF exporter: Fix crash when original texture export is packed. [rBAed9b7805]
  • glTF exporter: Fix default sheen factors. [rBA0f1e12d8]
  • glTF exporter: optimized animation size option was not saved when ‘remember export settings’. [rBA6552dc49]
  • UI Animation Render: Attribute error when running in background. [T101239]
  • glTF exporter: avoid crash when apply modifiers + shapekeys. [rBA06ad75f3]
  • Regression: baking procedural texture in more than 2048 pixels fails. [T101354]
  • Regression: Can’t save second Viewlayer as .exr. [T101365]
  • No option to restore previous trackpad behavior on Windows since multitouch support. [T97925]
  • glTF exporter: Fix color attribute export. [rBA4feb92043cbd]
  • Regression: Export UV Layout is blurry. [T101134]
  • UV editor: Console warning when hovered over tools. [T101138]
  • EEVEE: Screen Space Refraction Artifacts when the viewport is narrow and non square. [T101034]
  • Regression: Right-aligned header. [T100141]
  • Moving bone to another layer doesn’t trigger a depsgraph update. [T101046]
  • Blender 3.2.1 – Animation on nodes gets bugged out when dealing with Node Groups (duplicate node names). [T101109]
  • GPencil: Active layer separation freezes blender if layer is empty. [T101317]
  • GPencil: Crash when sculpting after “bake object transform to grease pencil”. [T101370]
  • Cycles: increase min-supported driver version for Intel GPUs. [rBa6c27ea49da]
  • Regression: useless Snapping menu in the adjustment popup of Edge bevel weight operator. [T101343]
  • Fix typo and and incorrect property initialization. [rBb4e8d03e5cf]
  • Fix curves sculpting in deformed space when using Subdivide node. [rBede6c262229]
  • GPencil: framechanging does not evaluate keyframed layer transform correctly (if this would result in identity matrix). [T101164]
  • Regression: Console flooded with warnings when fluid type is Domain. [T101231]
  • GPencil: Fix unreported memory leak in Fill inverse. [rB662ba67210b]
  • Curve draw tool’s cursor depth mode use a random Z value when viewport camera is orthographic. [T101347]
  • Node editor: Add driver to socket slots list?. [T101341]
  • Fix missing Outliner updates when adding nodetrees. [rBcc8df686ad7]
  • Geometry Nodes in searching pulls nodes from other node add-ons. [T101259]
  • Regression: Screw Modifier Calculate Order is broken. [T101075]
  • New OBJ importer handles UVs incorrectly when some faces of an object don’t have UVs. [T101487]
  • Grease Pencil: New lines in Multiframe editing appear as Onion skinning overlay. [T101548]
  • Grease Pencil: Selecting strokes in Edit Mode imprecise if layer transforms are animated. [T101564]
  • Rain Test Animation demo crashes Blender 3.3. [T101559]
  • Cycles: Spurious recompiles on Metal in Blender 3.3.x on macOS 13.0. [T101598]
  • Regression: Incorrect context for running data unlink. [T101510]
  • Regression: Deleting Object in outliner with a specific filter setting crashes Blender. [T101233]

Version number 3.3.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, macOS, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website blender
License type GPL
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