Software update: Bitpim 1.0.4

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Bitpim can read and adjust the data of cdma phones from LG, Samsung and Sanyo, among others. These phones have a Qualcomm cdma chipset on board and Bitpim can read it without any problems. In addition, on the supported models things like the phonebook, calendar, wallpapers and ringtones are adjusted. The developers recently released version 1.0.4 with the following list of changes:

Version 1.0.4:

  • Bug fix: LG-AX8600 max number of phone entries.Bug fix: Linux RPM Build.
  • Bug fix: Phone detection for recent Sanyo phones
  • Bug fix: Samsung SPH-M300: ringtone conversion.
  • Bug fix: LG VX-8550/5400/8800/10000: display wrong caller ID number.
  • Bug fix: LG VX-8800: image preset resolutions.
  • Bug fix: Help Build scripts.
  • Maintenance: Upgrade to wxPython
  • New phone support: Samsung SCH-U740 (VZW) (Initial)
  • New phone support: Motorola K1m (Initial)
  • New phone support: Samsung SCH-U470 (Juke) (Initial)
  • New phone support: Sanyo SCP-7050
  • New phone support: Motorola V3m (VZW) (Initial)
  • New phone support: Motorola V325 (VZW) (Initial)

Version 1.0.3:

  • Bug fix: LG VX-8550 text memo/notepad.
  • Bug fix: LG VX-8550 phonebook.
  • Bug fix: Export SMS menu throws exception.
  • Bug fix: LG VX-8550: Memo support.
  • Improvement: Monthly Calendar Print: print one month per page.
  • Improvement: print SMS items in sorted order.
  • Maintenance: patches to libusb wrapper as submitted by Mark Rages and Thomas Rachel.
  • Maintenance: Upgrade to SQLite 3.5.3.
  • New Feature: Command Line Interface. See the Help pages for more details.
  • New phone support: SCP-3200 Untested.
  • New phone support: LG VX-8800 (initial).
  • New phone support: LG VX-10000 (initial).
  • New phone support: Samsung SPH-M300 (Sprint) (initial).
  • New phone support: LG VX-8350 (initial).
  • New phone support: LG VX-5400 (initial).
  • New phone support: Samsung SPH-A900 (initial, phonebook read only).

Version 1.0.2:

  • Bug fix: LG VX-9400 getting group error.
  • Bug fix: LG VX-8700 decrease data packet size.
  • Bug fix: Set maximum number of calendar entries that can be sent to LG phones.
  • Bug fix: Outlook calendar import: all-day events that span more than one day.
  • Bug fix: Calendar events summary window pop-up during Get Phone Data freezes BitPim.
  • Bug fix: LG VX-8550: BitPim failed to write contacts to the phone.
  • Improvement: List software components used by BitPim in the About Dialog.
  • Improvement: LG VX-8300 firmware V3 support.
  • Improvement: Added Comm Timeout setting to the BitPim Settings dialog.
  • Improvement: iCal support: WKST parameter.
  • Improvement: Allow reading of prefix 1 and other non-digit phone numbers from the phone.
  • Improvement: display ringtone information in the Contact Editor dialog.
  • Improvement: Display the number of contacts in the Phonebook view.
  • Maintenance: Upgrade to Python 2.5.1
  • Maintenance: Upgrade to SQLITE 3.4.1
  • Maintenance: Upgrade to paramiko 1.7.1 (Amy)
  • Maintenance: Upgrade to wxPython
  • Maintenance: New shorter BitPim description string.
  • New phone support: SCP-6650 (Katana-II)

Version 1.0.1:

  • Maintenance: Gentoo tbz2 package.
  • Maintenance: Improved support for LG VX-5300, VX-8500, VX8600, VX-8700, VX-9400.
  • Bug fix: LG VX-9400 calendar support.
  • Improvement: Reading ringtones on RL4930 also reads voice memos
  • Improvement: Increase read/write data block size for LG VX-8700/9400.
  • New phone support: LG VX-8550 (initial).
  • Maintenance: Disable T9 User Database read.
  • Bug fix: BitPim fails to auto-detect when a phone is disconnected and a different model is connected.
  • Improvement: Feature to allow users to automatically create trouble reports suitable for posting to the BitPim Developer List or emailing to BitPim developers.
  • Improvement: Sanyo SCP-6600 Change maximum phone number length from 32 to 48 digits.
  • New phone support: LG AX-8600 (initial).
  • Improvement: LG VX-8700 memo support.
  • Bug fix: Samsung SCH-A930/A950: Calendar time off by 1 hour (again!).
  • Bug fix: Float file timestamp values ​​raised exception.

Version number 1.0.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista
Website Bitpim
License type GPL