Software Update: BitPim 0.9.08

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BitPim has been updated to version 0.9.08. This program can read and adjust the data of CDMA telephones from LG, Samsung and Sanyo, among others. These phones have a Qualcomm CDMA chipset on board and BitPim can easily read these chipsets. In addition, on the supported models things like the phonebook, calendar, wallpapers, and ringtones are customized. Below you can find what has changed in this program:

Version 0.9.08:

  • Added Sanyo MM-5600 support.
  • Show libusb device Product ID and Vendor ID in the Comm Port Settings dialog.
  • Handled media unicode file names for the LG-VX8300/VX8500.
  • Clarified phonebook writing error message.
  • Fixed deleting none existing media files bug (LG-VX8100).
  • Fixed iCal import DTEND property.
  • Fixed support for adding 3g2 video files.
  • Added the Replace All and Merge options to the Contacts Import dialog.
  • Support for Telus SPH-A840, phonebook and calendar only, added.
  • Sanyo SPH-6600 (Katana): Phonebook and wallpaper/ringtone writing not supported. Camera images read with wallpaper.
  • Added file information for support for WMA file type.
  • For LG VX phones: ignore invalid calendar events read from phones.
  • Added the capability to export BitPim calendar data to iCalendar format.
  • Improved display of non-recurrent calendar events that span more than 1 day.
  • Added an option to reformat contact names during the contact import process.
  • Bug fix: BitPim crashed due to corrupted config file.
  • Bug fix: BitPim crashed due to corrupted Call History file.
  • Bug fix: Bad phone contact entry crashes BitPim.
  • For Sprint Samsung phones, include location in event name.
  • New feature: display calendar events inside a Tool Tip window.
  • New feature: copy/paste of SMS text to the clipboard.
  • Bug workaround: Unicode characters crash CSV contact export.

[break]The following downloads are available:
BitPim 0.9.08 for Windows
BitPim 0.9.08 for Linux
BitPim 0.9.08 for Mac OS X

Version number 09.08
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS
Website BitPim
License type GPL