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Apple has released macOS 13.0. In version 13, known as Ventura and which can be obtained for free from the Apple Store, Apple has added a way with Stage Manager, among other things, that should make multitasking easier. There is also Continuity Camera, which can use a camera from another Apple device as a webcam and improvements have been made to Spotlight and Reminders, and you can now also manage your AirPods in macOS. Learn more about Ventura’s available at Applethese are the main improvements in short:

Internship Manager

Continuity continues to evolve with the introduction of Internship Manager – a new way to manage your desktop clutter that reminds us a little bit of Spaces, because it allows you to organize working areas and hide them away, albeit at the side of your screen, rather than the top. Here’s how to use Stage Manager to organize your windows.

Continuity Cam

Another continuity-related feature allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam as well as Handoff a FaceTime call from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. Continuity Camera is a great way to benefit from the superior camera on the iPhone. One really impressive feature is Desk View, which displays two views to the person you are calling – your face and your desk. Using the iPhone camera means that Mac users can benefit from features like Portrait mode and Center Stage and the new Studio Light feature. Read about how to use your iPhone as a webcam for your Mac.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

You can now set up an album in Photos that lets you select up to five people that can all add photos and videos and quickly share them with each other. Here’s how to set it up on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


Apple’s method to search your Mac – Spotlight – also received a revamp. Quick Look allows you to preview files and you can search photos by location, objects, people, and more. Live Text improvements mean that you will be able to search text within images and videos. Users will even be able to create a new document, start a timer, or more, from within Spotlight. More information here: How Apple has improved Spotlight search in Ventura.


In macOS Ventura, Apple has added several new features to make Reminders more helpful. You’ll be able to see your reminders grouped by time and date, you will be able to pin a list and save lists to be used as templates. Read about the new features in Reminders here: Reminders in macOS Ventura.


System Settings is the new name for System Preferences. A name that iOS users will likely feel at home with. Read about how Apple has revamped System Preferences in macOS Ventura in our in-depth article.

Background noises

You can play soothing white noise on your Mac in Ventura, including the sound of rain, the ocean, or a stream. Read: How to play soothing white noise in macOS Ventura.


Expect gaming on the Mac to truly take off (well Apple does anyway). Apple says that every new Mac will be able to run AAA games “with ease”. Improvements in Metal 3, MetalFX Upscaling, and Fast Resource Loading API should benefit game developers.


In macOS Monterey and earlier, users didn’t get to control much of the AirPod’s settings, but that’s changing in Ventura. When Ventura launches users will finally get access to the full complement of AirPods settings, just like in iOS. Read more here: Full AirPods settings coming to your Mac.

Version number 13.0
Release status Final
Operating systems macOS
Website Apple
License type Freeware
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