Software Update: Apple Mac OS X 10.2.4

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Apple has released an update that upgrades your current version of Mac OS X to version 10.2.4. It is available in two flavors: the first patch is for if you are running version 10.2.3, the second version is for if you are using 10.2.x. The changelog show the following changes:

Improvements for sound facilities and the digital exchange:

  • Further improvement of a new feature in Mac OS X 10.2.3, where certain files and folders that are part of Mac OS file systems are no longer copied to the disc when you burn a CD.
  • Improved sound quality for FireWire audio equipment.
  • Improved support for mLAN devices.
  • Support for LaCie d2 CD burners (48x12x48x).
  • Improved functionality of speech-enabled programs in the Classic environment.
  • This update resolves the issue of sound not being sampled when using certain Mac OS 9 sound applications in the Classic environment.

Printing improvements:

  • The ‘Paper Size’ pop-up menu in the ‘Page Setup’ dialog box now contains submenus when the selected printer supports different margin settings for a particular paper size.
  • Contains software for Brother printers that support Rendezvous.
  • This update resolves a security vulnerability in the CUPS printing software. For more information, see article 61798: “Apple Security Updates”.
  • The list of shared printers now appears by default in the Setup for pop-up menu in the Page Setup dialog box.

Improvements for using networks, modems and the Internet:

  • You can enable or disable the ability to login to AFP servers with an administrator password.
  • A hardware Ethernet address can be used using the ifconfig command in ‘Terminal’.
  • Improved results when copying large files (4 GB or more) to a server shared via Windows Sharing (SMB) feature.
  • The update prevents a Finder window from opening with the contents of the “Volumes” folder instead of the target volume when connected to an AFP server or other server.
  • This update resolves an issue where the selected default browser changes unexpectedly in another browser after you update the default browser.
  • This update prevents a situation where a kernel panic occurs when a phone call is received on the same line that connects the ADSL modem to the Internet.
  • This update includes version 8.12.6 of Sendmail. For more information, see article 61798: “Apple Security Updates”.
  • When dialing in with a modem, when the modem sound is turned on, the sound is now also played on a portable computer.
  • Rendezvous-enabled computers with the ‘Personal Web Server’ feature enabled appear in the Rendezvous bookmarks collection in ‘Safari’.

Improvements for using ‘Address Book’ and ‘Mail’:

  • The update prevents a program that uses ‘Address Book’ from unexpectedly quitting when certain text is removed from the ‘Show people’ search box.
  • For the German version, this update fixes an issue that sent messages in ‘Mail’ are deleted even when the ‘Delete sent messages’ option is set to ‘Never’, except when sent messages are moved to another mailbox.
  • ‘Address Book’ remains open after all ‘Address Book’ windows are closed.
  • The edit mode in ‘Address Book’ now includes a restore function.
  • This update prevents an issue that may occur when you stop Address Book after creating a new group.
  • Improved formatting in ‘Address Book’ for Irish and Japanese addresses.

Improvements for using ‘Finder’:

  • This update fixes an issue that may occur when items are placed on the far left or top of the desktop, where existing symbols are “pushed away” by the new components.
  • This update fixes an issue that “Finder” may temporarily stop responding when you close an Inspector.
  • Improved functionality when pasting a custom symbol over an existing custom symbol.
  • When an alias is dragged from the preview column to the Trash, the original item is no longer removed.
  • Improved wording in the progress window when copying a large file to an iDisk or WebDAV volume (“Time remaining: 5 seconds” used to be sometimes much longer than five seconds).

Other improvements:

  • The “Traditional Chinese” input method includes Hanin. With Hanin and Zhuyinfuhao or Pinyin, characters can be typed much more accurately.
  • This update prevents issues caused by a corrupted font in the “Fonts” folder in the System folder of the Classic environment, even if the Classic environment is not started.
  • In ‘Sherlock’ search results can be selected by typing.
  • This update prevents a situation where a kernel panic can occur when logging out.
  • This update prevents certain situations where version 3.0 of “Apple System Profiler” quits unexpectedly.
  • The update prevents the computer from being able to hibernate after disconnecting a FireWire or USB device.
  • Improved functionality when selecting multiple items in a dialog box using the Shift key in certain (Carbon) Mac OS X applications.
  • Enabling folder actions does not take up additional disk space.
  • The Classic environment no longer displays the Mac OS 9 desktop image on both displays when you configure the displays using the Displays pane in System Preferences while Classic is launching.
  • This update prevents the Classic environment from stopping unexpectedly on a portable computer while the computer is in sleep mode and certain USB devices are connected.
  • This update fixes an issue that System Preferences stops when the Speech pane is open, Apple’s Speakable Items is enabled, and sound is detected by the microphone.
  • Improved compatibility with ‘Firaxis Civilization III’ when this game’s ‘Quartz text rendering’ option is enabled.
  • The computer is properly put to sleep when certain Ethernet cards are installed while the network port configuration is disabled in the Network pane in System Preferences.
  • This update resolves an issue with “Disk Utility” (10.3 version 88.11), where some disk recovery programs incorrectly detect problems with the HFS wrapper of a newly formatted disk. This issue does not result in data loss.
  • For Swedish versions, this update fixes the issue that some advanced conversions in ‘Calculator’ result in zero.

Version number 10.2.4
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