Software Update: America’s Army 2.8.5

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The US military has been developing the game America’s Army since 2002 in the hope of getting young people excited about a military career. This game puts you in the shoes of an American soldier who has to go through various missions. For more information, we refer you to this page. The developers have released America’s Army: Special Forces “Overmatch” 2.8.5 adding more “Every Soldier a Sensor” parts. The game must be downloaded via the own deploy client that is on this page can be found. The list of changes for version 2.8.5 looks like this:

what’s new

This release includes ES2 updates to three maps, SF Courtyard, SF Hospital, Urban Assault. The maps have been updated with additional ES2 objects to discover and report. ES2 Bridge is a revised version of the classic Bridge Crossing map with new elements added such as ES2 objects with a new types of intelligence functionality. The new functionality includes unlocking access to a new path under the bridge, and supplying intelligence on enemy positions.

SF Courtyard

    “Intelligence reports that an illegal arms dealer is planning to transfer stolen top secret material to an agent of a known terrorist organization. Location of sensitive material is only known to be located in vicinity C94M98A04. Reports confirm that there are willing informants who know the exact whereabouts of the sensitive material.”

SF Hospital

    “Following an ambush by enemy forces, a wounded Resistance leader escaped to a neutral hospital for treatment of his wounds. The leader is a critical member of the Resistance government within Unconventional Warfare Area of ​​Operations (UWAO) JAZZ.”

Urban Assault

    “A coalition convoy was raided and the cargo was stolen. It has been confirmed that the insurgents and the cargo are based in a residential area of ​​the city. Due to the dense urban nature of the area it will be necessary to do a house by house assault on foot.”

ES2 Bridge

    “Enemy forces masquerading as refugees have ambushed the US forces defending bridge at grid WS663429. Your force returning from patrol is now on the hostile side of bridge, and must link up with your company headquarters to pass along time-sensitive information.”

What’s Fixed

Folder Specific

  • ES2Border: Rebuilt map to re-add lighting to interiors.
  • ES2Border: Adjusted Civilian AI logic to reduce the chances of civilians running into the line of fire
  • ES2Border: ES2 Points are now more evenly awarded to the reporting player as well as live team members
  • ES2Border: Scoring for ES2 objects has been re-evaluated and is now the same for all maps. Points are now reflected by the value of the reported object
  • ES2Border: Fixed terrain and player sticking issues
  • ES2Border: Fixed various building anomolies
  • ES2Border: Changed all Triggers and Objectives to be hidden while viewing in single player.
  • ES2Border: Fixed issue with IED exploding even when not visible
  • ES2Border: Fixed ES2 objects that did not spawn flags when reported
  • ES2McKenna: Fixed AAR Instructor’s face and hands


  • Fixed issues with Friendlies showing up as Op-For when spectating in a co-op mission.
  • Fixed a problem with ES2 objects not showing up after the game round is restarted.
  • Fixed issue with the camera sinking through the ground while ragdolling in first-person. It was caused by a counter not being incremented unless the ragdoll was being rendered. Bumped the eye position up a few units when the player is dead just to ensure the camera doesn’t even partially look through the ground.
  • ES2: Added capability to damage ES2 objects. Added several damageable ES2 objects to the ES2 maps.
  • ES2: Added objectives to the list of grenade damagable objects
  • ES2: Tweaked spawning probabilities of certain ES2 objects


  • AI: ES2Border civilians should now take appropriate cover when approached by US Forces or fired upon. Civilian will be capable of wandering, hiding/running from grenades, bullets and players.

Version number 2.8.5
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website America’s Army
License type Freeware
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