Software Update: Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.02d

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Already on July 31, Adaptec put the 4.02d update of Easy CD Creator online, but still I think it is worth mentioning (thanks Gerritblat for the tip!) DirectCD is now on version 3.01d. You can get the DirectCD update here, the Easy CD Creator update can be found here.

Easy CD Creator Fixes:

System doesn’t wake up after standby under Windows 98 SE with Easy CD Creator running.

System Test is sometimes unable to find Large File, even if it exists.

System doesn’t go into standby or hibernate mode (timed) under Windows 2000.

Stopping devices from Windows 2000’s “Unplug or Eject Hardware” dialog box causes blue screen.

DirectCD Fixes:

System hangs before shutdown or restart under Windows 2000.

Improved error handling for copying files which have names with greater than 127 characters.

Formatting blank RW media with certain recorders may cause system freeze.

Under Windows NT and Windows 2000, DirectCD could take an extraordinary amount of time to close the disc to ISO format with more than 200MB of data on the disc.

Improved compatibility with third-party virus check program under Windows 2000 (caused blue screen crashes when DirectCD 3.01 was also installed).

Estimated time display in Eraser is improved for certain recorders(would estimate 30-40 min. to erase an RW disc, when the actual erase time was 2-3 min).

Workaround implemented to prevent system hanging for certain system configurations under Windows 98 and 98SE (some systems would lock up if the UDF Reader or DirectCD was installed).

Improved compatibility with third-party DVD player software (this third-party software would fail to launch if the UDF Reader was installed).

Version number 4.02d
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website adaptec