Slack to use Amazon Chime for video calling beeld

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Slack has entered into a long-standing partnership with Amazon Web Services. Among other things, Slack is switching to Amazon Chime for voice and video telephony. AWS employees will also be using Slack. The partnership appears to be designed to compete with Microsoft Teams.

Slack reports migrating Slack Calls to Amazon Chime and using a suite of Amazon Web Services for storage, analytics, and machine learning. The collaboration means, among other things, that business customers of the chat platform can choose in which country or region their data ends up, which can be important for organizations to comply with legal requirements. Slack is a business communications platform with support for direct messaging, cross-channel, and integration of third-party services and bots.

Also part of the collaboration is the use of AWS Key Management Service to manage cryptographic keys and the integration of the AWS Chatbot, which can help organizations with app development by keeping teams informed of events related to applications running in Running AWS accounts.

“The future of enterprise software will be defined by the combination of cloud services and collaboration tools for work,” said Stewart Butterfield, president and co-founder of Slack. With the collaboration, Slack seems to want to make a fist against Microsoft Teams. Butterfield previously told The Verge that Microsoft appears to be “getting rid of Slack” with Teams. At the same time, Slack recently integrated video calling with Teams into its platform.

Slack released its quarterly results on Thursday. The company reported that 750,000 organizations are using its platform and that 122,000 users are paying customers, a 28 percent increase from last year. Microsoft reported having 75 million daily active users for Teams last year.

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