Rumor: Xiaomi brings 120W charging to budget phone

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Xiaomi would like to give its most expensive Redmi Note 11 phone the option of charging with 120W. The Redmi Note 10 phones can charge at 33W, while charging at 120W has so far been reserved for more expensive models.

It would be the as yet unannounced Redmi Note 11 Pro Max, Android Central is guessing based on a message from Digital Chat Station. Current Redmi Note 10 phones can charge at 33W, just like many other phones. The only models from Xiaomi with 120W charging capability are the Mi 10 Ultra, 11T Pro and Mix 4.

Xiaomi’s 120W charger works with 20V at 6A. For this it is necessary to split the battery into several cells to enable faster charging. The manufacturer said at the presentation of its 11T Pro that the battery with the fast charging after 800 charging cycles has 80 percent of its capacity left. That is roughly in line with the rest of the smartphone market in terms of batteries. According to Xiaomi, the battery with fast charging only wears a little extra compared to normal charging.

The Chinese version of a Redmi Note 10 phone supports fast charging up to 67W. Xiaomi has not commented on the rumor. The manufacturer is expected to show its new Redmi models early next year.