Rumor: iOS 16 gets wallpapers with widget functions on lockscreen

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Apple is giving iOS 16 wallpapers with features like widgets on the lockscreen, says Bloomberg author Mark Gurman. He does not say what this new way of working with the lockscreen will look like.

The lockscreen changes are among the most significant in iOS 16, reports Gurman. In the past, phones have also had lockscreens or homescreens with features in the wallpaper, such as adjusting the image to the weather so that when opening the lockscreen, users can see what it looks like outside.

In addition, there will be support for a lockscreen that can always remain on by reducing the refresh rate of the screen. Apple had wanted to release that feature last year, but it didn’t work out. It is said to be an exclusive feature in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

There will also be some other changes, Gurman says. This makes it possible to control smart home devices from tvOS for Apple TV. Other changes include the Settings app for macOS and the Messages app.

Apple will hold its keynote address at the start of WWDC developer conference next Monday. The company has been taking this opportunity for years to show new versions of its operating systems.