Royole’s third foldable smartphone has a pop-up camera

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The third version of the Royole FlexPai folding smartphone has a pop-up camera for taking selfies. This is evident from a render that EvLeaks has put online. Earlier this year, the phone was also seen in photos from an inspection body.

By using a pop-up camera as a front camera, there is no notch or cutout in the screen of the new Royole foldable phone. This became apparent in February, when photos of the device appeared via an inspection body. However, the pop-up camera was not visible on it, making it seem that the device did not have a selfie camera.

Smartphone Leaker Evan Blass talks about the Royole F3, but it is not known whether that is the official name of the device. The manufacturer’s previous foldable smartphones were models in the FlexPai series; it could be the FlexPai 3.

Royole has not yet announced its third foldable smartphone. The Chinese manufacturer had the first foldable smartphone on the market with the original FlexPai at the end of 2018. The second version was announced at the end of 2020. With dimensions of 147.1х138.8х7mm and a screen diagonal of 7.2″, the F3 is smaller than its predecessors, which had a 7.8″ screen.

Just like the Huawei Mate Xs, the FlexPai phones have the screen on the outside when the device is closed. This differs from the Samsung Galaxy Fold models, where the screen is on the inside and an extra screen is placed on the outside.

Royole F3 – Image: EvLeaks

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