Reuters: Tesla is in talks with Samsung about production of HW 4.0 chip

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Tesla is in talks with Samsung to have the next generation of its HW chips produced in fabs of the South Korean company, according to Reuters news agency. The car manufacturer would think of the 7nm process to bake the future HW 4.0 chips.

According to Reuters, Tesla has been in talks with Samsung since the beginning of this year to discuss chip designs and prototypes for the next generation of hardware chips for the FSD computer. This chip is said to be much larger than the HW 3.0 chip made at 14nm. In comparison, a 300mm wafer from TSMC holds 217 HW 3.0 chips; a 300mm wafer is rumored to fit 25 HW 4.0 chips. The new chips would be baked at 7nm, contain more transistors and ensure that Teslas can drive completely self-driving.

Last year, the China Times stated that Tesla is also collaborating with Broadcom and TSMC on its next-generation chips. They would deliver the first batch of the HW 4.0 chips by the end of this year, which would be about 50,000. What role Samsung will play in the production process has not yet been confirmed. The South Korean company is currently producing the Hardware 3.0 chip that was introduced in 2019.

Tesla FSD computer with HW 3.0 chips

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