Renault unveils electric Mégane with 470km . range

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Renault has unveiled the Mégane E-Tech Electric at the IAA Mobility fair in Munich. This electrically powered version of the Mégane will have a range of 470 kilometers specified by the manufacturer and should be available from March next year.

Renault makes two versions of the Mégane E-Tech Electric: a 40kWh version with a range of 300 kilometers and a 60kWh version with a maximum range of 470 kilometers. These distances are based on the European WLTP standard.

The Mégane E-Tech Electric can probably best be described as a crossover in terms of design. The French manufacturer currently uses the Mégane name for a hatchback and station wagon model. The new electric model appears to be a production version of the Mégane eVision concept unveiled last year.

The new electric version will be built on the modular electric CMF-EV platform, which, for example, will also be used by the larger and previously delayed Nissan Ariya. As a result, the new Mégane will be relatively spacious on the inside, given its extended wheelbase of 2.7m for a total length of 4.21m.

The relatively ‘thin’ battery pack weighing 395 kg with a thickness of 110 mm also contributes to a more spacious interior and a lower center of gravity, according to Renault. As a result, the total height of the car would be just 1.5m, which should also benefit the aerodynamics. The battery pack also has a length of 1960 mm and a width of 1450 mm.

According to Renault, the battery pack is so compact thanks to the chemical composition of the nmc cells, which stands for nickel, manganese and cobalt. The manufacturer has opted for lithium-ion cells from LG Chem, which contain proportionately more nickel and less cobalt. That should increase the energy density at the cellular level. Renault speaks of 600Wh/l, which would be twenty percent higher than with the existing electric Zoe model. Renault also applies liquid cooling for the battery pack for the first time, which would also contribute to the compactness. The batteries come with an eight-year warranty and are replaced free of charge if they deteriorate to less than 70 percent of their rated capacity.

In terms of charging, the Mégane E-Tech Electric can handle a maximum power of 130 kW based on direct current with a fast charger. In that case, a range of 300 km can be added in thirty minutes of charging. The car can also use home chargers with 2.3 kW with a single phase or a maximum of 22 kW at, for example, public charging stations. With a charging capacity of 22 kW, you can drive 160 km again after an hour of charging.

In the interior there is a 12.3″ dashboard screen for the instruments, with a resolution of 1920×720 pixels. In addition, a 12″ multimedia screen in the middle with a resolution of 1250×1562 pixels. The entry-level models get the same instrument screen, but have to make do with a smaller 9″ multimedia screen with a resolution of 1250×834 pixels. The existing OpenR Link multimedia system was developed together with Google and runs on Android Automotive. Apps such as Google Assistant, Maps and Google Play be present.

Renault has not yet announced prices. The car will be available to order from February next year, after which copies will be available from March.

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