Razer Introduces Kaira Pro Headset with Haptic Feedback for PS5 and PC

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Razer is introducing PlayStation 5 variants of its Kaira and Kaira Pro headsets. The Pro model has a detachable microphone and features HyperSense. That’s Razer’s technique for converting sounds into tactile vibrations for haptic feedback.

The Kaira headsets are wireless and operate on a 2.4GHz connection via a USB-C dongle with PlayStation 5 consoles, or via bluetooth. The headsets are also suitable for use in combination with PCs or mobile devices. In addition to the detachable microphone, the Kaira Pro also has an integrated microphone in the headset itself, for mobile use. Furthermore, the Karia Pro has RGB LEDs, the color of which can be adjusted via Razer’s Chroma RGB app.

Razer equips the Kaira Pro with its HyperSense technique. It was introduced in 2019 in a mouse, wrist rest and chair. According to the manufacturer, sounds can be converted into haptic feedback. Razer already made a Nari Ultimate headset with that technology in 2018 and the recently announced Kraken V3 Pro also gets HyperSense. The previously released Xbox version of the Kaira Pro does not have the feature.

Razer is also releasing a cheaper Kaira headset for the PlayStation 5. The non-Pro model has no detachable microphone, no RGB LEDs and no HyperSense implementation. Both headsets have a so-called SmartSwitch to switch between a 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connection. A 3.5mm connection for wired use is missing. The PlayStation version of the Razer Kaira is available immediately for 110 euros. The Pro version will follow in December for 220 euros.

headset Razer Kaira for PlayStation Razer Kaira Pro for PlayStation
Works with PS5, PS4, PC, Mobile PS5, PS4, PC, Mobile
Connections 2.4GHz via USB-C dongle, bluetooth 2.4GHz via USB-C dongle, bluetooth
Raze HyperSense new Yes
Removable Microphone new Yes
Razer SmartSwitch Yes Yes
Razer Chroma RGB new Yes
battery life Up to 30 hours Up to 50 hours
(11 hours with rgb-lds and haptic feedback)

Razer Quick Charging Stand

Furthermore, Razer is announcing a Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation 5 controllers. It is available in the same colors as the DualSense controllers. Charging takes place in ‘less than three hours’, according to the manufacturer. The charging stand costs 60 euros.

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