Portions of Twitter source code have been leaked on GitHub

Portions of Twitter’s source code have been leaked on GitHub. This is evident from court documents about a lawsuit between Twitter and Github. The size of the leaked part of the source code is unknown.

The source code is said to have been available on GitHub for some time, but it is not clear how long exactly. It appears that part of the source code was leaked on GitHub court documents which were first noticed by The New York Times. Last Friday, Twitter informed GitHub that the code had been posted there, after which the platform immediately removed the code. GitHub has the takedown request put online.

Elon Musk’s company wants GitHub to disclose who shared the parts of the source code and who downloaded it all. Sources report to The New York Times that Twitter believes it is a former employee who left the company last year. That person would have the username FreeSpeechEnthusiast.

Twitter’s management is concerned that the leaked code could cause security vulnerabilities. How this would be the case is not known.