Panasonic brings Disney+ app to TVs from 2017

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Disney+ is coming to 4k Panasonic TVs released since 2017. The televisions must then support the My Home Screen operating system. For compatible TVs, the app can be found in the Application screen.

Panasonic reports that 4K OLED televisions in the EZ, FZ, GZ, HZ and JZ series can install the Disney+ app. The 4k LED televisions in the EX, FX, GX, HX and JX series also get the app. Several European countries can use the app from Friday, including the Benelux. The company does not provide details about the expected image quality.

Disney+ allows users to watch TV series and movies from Disney brands, as well as Star content. A subscription for the streaming service costs nine euros per month. The streaming service now has 116 million subscribers.

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