Nft platform AkuDreams was temporarily unable to reach 31.7 million euros after cyber attack

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Nft platform AkuDreams was hit during the opening by a cyber attack in which roughly 32 million euros were apparently permanently locked up. Meanwhile, the hacker has released the money again.

Prospective customers could bid on Akutars, astronaut-inspired NFT artworks created by artist and former baseball player Micah Johnson at the AkuDreams opening. During the minting of the NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, the lowest bid was accepted after which all the money that was outbid would be refunded.

A hacker noticed that the code used for this process contained an exploit and froze the money in question, nft developer noted foobar on. At first, the exploit seemed to be able to lock in the money permanently. The stranger hacker wrote however, quickly: “Well, this was fun. I had no intention of exploiting the problem. Otherwise I would have made myself anonymous. If you publicly acknowledge the exploit exists, I’ll remove the block immediately.”

AkuDreams recognized the programming error in the code responsible for drafting a purchase contract, and it claims to have fixed the problem. The nft platform expects to be able to return the money to victims on Monday or Tuesday.

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