New World players won’t be able to transfer characters to other regions anyway

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Amazon Games has postponed the promised free server transfers for its mmo game New World. It will also not be possible to transfer characters to another region. The company previously reported to players that it would be possible.

The developer reports in a forum post that the New World team has delayed server transfers because they “identified edge cases” where the transfer experience does not meet Amazon Games standards. The company therefore indicates that it will take extra time before giving all players a free transfer token.

It is not known when the server transfers will still be available. The company will initially give players a single free transfer token, but will also continue to evaluate server populations, wait times and other issues. Based on that, Amazon Games may decide to provide additional transfer tokens at a later date.

Amazon Games writes that players can transfer their character at a later date by logging into their character and claiming their free transfer token in the in-game store. Next, players must leave their company and cancel all active trading post-buy and sell orders. Also, players’ characters must be in a sanctuary during the transfer. Players keep their level and quest progression, their items, loot and in-game houses, alliances and progression with in-game factions, and their in-game currency.

The studio further clarifies that players will not be able to transfer their character to servers that are full or to worlds that are undergoing maintenance at the time of the transfer. Players also cannot transfer their character to a server where they already have a character.

The company also reports that it is not possible to switch regions. At the end of last month, a Twitter user asked whether it will be possible to transfer a character from an American server to a European world, for example. The company then reported that this would be possible, but now writes that this is not correct. In a separate forum post, Amazon Games reports that this is because each game region has a separate database and that the information previously given is incorrect.

New World was a success upon release and as a result faced long queues for many servers. New World developers therefore called on players to select servers with a shorter latency, promising that they would introduce the option to switch servers in the first two weeks after release, although this has now been postponed.

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