New The Last of Us Remake Trailer Shows More Tech Details

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Developer Naughty Dog has released a new trailer for The Last of Us remake. In it, the development team explains more about the technical details in the game and the new modes that the remake will receive, such as a permadeath mode.

In the video, the developer shows images of the original PlayStation 4 version and the remake for the PS5 side by side. Game director Matthew Gallant says the character models have been revamped and include “subtle facial features and body language.” The motion capture has also been redone and the models show more diverse types of movements.

The AI ​​of enemies and friendly NPCs has also been overhauled, says Naughty Dog CEO Neil Druckmann. For example, the enemies move aside when they run towards the player, while the player stands by with a gun. In the remake, the friendly NPCs that fight with you are more aware of when they are visible to enemies. While prowling through enemy hideouts, the npc can better gauge the opponent’s gait and duck in time to avoid being spotted.

The remake will have several accessibility options, such as a high contrast mode for people who are color blind and audio description for the visually impaired. Furthermore, the development team talks about the modes in The Last of Us remake. This allows players to unlock different outfits for Ellie and Joel. A photo mode and a model viewer are also added. The most notable addition, however, is the permadeath mode. In this, the player may not die once, otherwise the game will start all over again. The game also includes a speedrun mode.

The Last of Us remake will be released on September 2 for PS5 and at a later date for PC. The original game first came out in 2013 for the PlayStation 3. The Last of Us Remastered for the PlayStation 4 followed a year later. The updated version has a suggested retail price of 80 euros and there will be a Deluxe version of 90 euros. Both versions also include the Left Behind expansion, originally released as DLC in early 2014.

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