New Edifier speaker supports bluetooth and wifi and has Echo pairing

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Audio manufacturer Edifier announces for the first time a speaker with both Bluetooth and WiFi. The speaker itself does not have a microphone, but can be linked to Amazon Echo. This means that the speaker can also be operated via Amazon’s voice assistant.

Edifier already had several speakers that support bluetooth. The Edifier MS50A adds Wi-Fi connectivity and the option to stream music directly from Spotify, for example, via the speaker. Other streaming services such as Amazon Music and Tidal are also supported and audio can be played on the speaker via Apple AirPlay 2.

It is possible to wirelessly connect multiple MS50A speakers for a stereo setup or to play the same music in different rooms. The speaker can also be connected to an Amazon Echo device, according to the manufacturer. This allows users to still play music via Amazon’s voice assistant.

The 40W speaker weighs more than two kilograms, is 145.5 mm deep and wide and 211.3 mm high. At the top of the speaker is a volume control, pause button and you can switch songs. The speaker has a suggested retail price of 150 euros.