Mozilla to set up $35 million fund for ‘responsible technology’

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Mozilla wants to set up an investment fund next year for start-ups ‘working on technology that should make the internet better’. By this it means, among other things, technology that is ‘privacy-friendly, transparent and inclusive’.

In the announcement message On the so-called Mozilla Ventures fund, Mozilla’s executive director Mark Surman claims that many start-ups and small developers encounter “obstacles in creating products that put people first,” such as finding investors. The fund is aimed at early stage start-ups whose products or technologies “promote one or more of the values ​​in the Mozilla Manifesto, namely privacy, inclusiveness, transparency, accessibility and human dignity.”

The investment fund has yet to be established. That will happen next year. Still, Mozilla has already invested in three startups: password manager HeyLogin, Block Party, an app with blocking tools for Twitter users, and Secure AI Labs, a developer that makes software for hospitals. According to Surman, these three companies “endorse the idea that the digital world can be private, secure and respectful.” Interested parties who believe they meet the requirements for the fund or investors who want to participate in the fund can contact Mozilla.

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