Mozilla Firefox is now also available in the Microsoft Store

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Firefox will be available in the Microsoft Store starting Tuesday. Because Microsoft has changed its terms and conditions for apps in the Store, Mozilla says it was easier to add its browser to the Windows digital store.

In a blog, Mozilla announces the introduction of Firefox in the Microsoft Store. The browser is available as an app in the Windows Store on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. This eliminates the need for Firefox users to visit Mozilla’s website to download and install the browser. Browser updates can also be installed via the Microsoft Store.

Previously, only Edge from Microsoft itself could be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Opera was added in September. Other major browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari are still missing.

Microsoft has indicated that it will open up the Microsoft Store more to software developers. There are also plans to add Android apps to the Microsoft Store. This is specifically for Windows 11. This function is not yet available. Although a tool recently appeared with which this can already be tested.

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