Microsoft Edge gets price tracking feature for products viewed via browser

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Microsoft Edge is getting a feature that will allow the browser to remember which products users have recently looked at and notify them of any price changes. The browser will also have a function for users to immediately change leaked passwords.

Microsoft Edge can ‘soon’ track which products the user has viewed via the browser, Microsoft said. As soon as a price change is in progress, Edge will let you know via a new icon on the toolbar at the top of the browser. No further info is given, but judging by the image, it seems that the three most recently viewed products that have changed in price are immediately visible.

When users click ‘See more’ they can see the price changes of over twenty other products. It seems that only the price changes of the product are tracked on the specific site, not all sites where the product is for sale. It is unknown whether this feature will also be available in Europe. It’s also unclear whether users should enable the feature themselves, or whether it will be activated automatically.

Price Tracking Microsoft Edge

Microsoft also says it is working on a new password feature. The browser already had a built-in function that kept track of whether users’ passwords had been leaked, and from which sites. Now there is an option to immediately change the password. Edge lets users know which site’s password is out in the settings, and when they hit “Go to website,” they can instantly change their password on that site. That way they don’t have to navigate to the right place on the site themselves.

Edge also immediately recommends a new password, so changing a password should be faster than before. Microsoft says this feature will only be available to a select group of sites at the beginning, but they’ll be expanding the list in the coming months.

On Monday, Microsoft also announced an “afterpay” feature for Edge browsers. This allows users in America to pay afterwards for any purchase of between 35 and 1000 dollars made via the browser. Users must link their Microsoft account with their Zip afterpay account and then pay for each purchase in up to four installments within six weeks.

Change Leaked Password Feature Microsoft Edge