Meta Quest Pro shows up in video images from hotel room

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A video of the Meta Quest Pro has surfaced online. A user posted it to Facebook, claiming that someone left the device in a hotel room. In the meantime, the headset and controllers would have been picked up by their owner.

The images confirm the name Meta Quest Pro; that can be read on the packaging. In addition, the design of the headset and the controllers is good to look at. The head-mounted display has three cameras on the front and also resembles what Facebook itself released in the form of teasers, This is how The Verge notes. The design of the controllers is similar to existing VR control equipment, except that the open ring on the top is now closed.

Meta plans to unveil its new high-end VR goggles on October 11, it seems. On this date, the parent company of Oculus and Facebook is hosting a large, one-day event called Meta Connect. On a announcement card from that event, Mark Zuckerberg can be seen wearing the Meta Quest Pro on his head.

Mixed reality and social features should play an important role in this headset, Zuckerberg said on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Eye and face tracking will be in place and should help with things like virtual reality meetings. Color passthrough will also be possible, allowing users to see their surroundings with the front cameras, in color, without taking off the headset. In the Quest 2, this was limited to a black and white image.

Screengrabs from the video posted on Facebook, via The Verge

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