Meta increases maximum GPU power of Quest 2 by seven percent after update

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Meta has given the Quest 2 virtual reality headset an update that increases the maximum speed of the device by about seven percent. This is mainly done by performing GPU calculations differently.

In the new software update, v49, the Quest 2 headset according to meta about seven percent more calculation speed in the gpu in the device. It then rises from a frequency of 490MHz to 525MHz. Developers don’t have to do anything special for that either; the dynamic overclocking system automatically increases the gpu frequencies when needed to make an app run better.

This happens, for example, if app makers have enabled dynamic foveation for an app. In that case, the foveation rate does not increase, but the GPU speed. This allows developers to get a higher pixel density without lowering the resolution too much. A spokesperson for Meta says against The Verge that the change will not have a major impact on the battery life of the headset, because the extra processing power is only enabled when needed.

The update may be one of the last major changes to the headset. The successor, the Quest 3, is expected to be released next year. Meta also released the much more expensive Quest Pro earlier this year.

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