LG smartwatch with 3G connectivity shows up at FCC

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LG seems to be coming up with a new smartwatch that can communicate via 3G in the near future. This can be concluded from an inspection by the American FCC. The ‘smart’ watch appears to have a rectangular design.

The new smartwatch has two model numbers, according to the Androidauthority website. It concerns the VC100 and VC100P. The FCC test results indicate that at least one of these models will be equipped with 3G connectivity, so that the smartwatch can also communicate with the internet via mobile networks without the intervention of a smartphone. It is not clear whether calls can also be made via the watch.

The FCC approval report gives little further details about LG’s new smartwatch, except for the dimensions. These amount to 57.7×35.5mm. This will most likely give the ‘smart’ watch a rectangular design, in contrast to the recently introduced LG G Watch R with a round screen.

LG isn’t the first company to release a smartwatch with 3G connectivity; Samsung’s Gear S watch, which was presented earlier this month at IFA, also has connectivity to mobile networks as soon as a SIM card is inserted into the smartwatch.