KLM has bots formulate answers to half of customer questions on social media

KLM airline has announced that half of the questions asked on social media are provided with possible answers from bots from the company DigitalGenius. The artificial intelligence automatically handles the most frequently asked questions.

KLM states that this automation gives service employees more time to focus on questions ‘which require a personal approach’. As a result, there is a combination of human employees and artificial intelligence that answer questions on Twitter, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

The AI ​​of DigitalGenius has been deployed by KLM for a year and a half. The system proposes a possible answer and learns from the actions of the service personnel as you go. DigitalGenius’ deep learning algorithms allow the system to decide for itself whether the proposed answer is correct in certain cases.

KLM states that the system has now handled so many customer questions that it is now able to handle the answers to the most frequently asked questions itself. The company says that until now, service agents had always had to decide for themselves whether the suggested response was correct and, if necessary, modify the response and send it to the appropriate social media channel.

The airline has been using a chatbot via Facebook Messenger since September. By entering into a conversation with the bot called BlueBot, customers can buy tickets. This bot can also help customers pack for the flight. The bot works in English in Google Assistant on Android smartphones and Google Home speakers.

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